10 New Year Resolutions for Cannabis Smokers

Are you ready for the new year? Each December we commit to changing our lives in the new year. Make 2018 the best year yet by sticking to your New Year’s Resolution. As you set goals for the upcoming year you may want to keep some of your weed habits in mind. If you’re not quite sure where to start, take a look at some of these dope New Year’s Resolutions for stoners!

  • Break the Stereotypes
  • Smoke Everyday at 4:20

  • Go On A Dope Road Trip With Your Friends
  • Stop Pocketing Lighters
  • Make Moonrocks

  • Eat Healthier Munchies
  • Make New Friends To Toke With
  • Grow Your Favorite Strain

  • Stop Being a Lazy Smoker
  • Smoke The Strongest Weed You’ve Ever Smoked

Do you have any special cannabis New Year resolutions? Leave a comment below!

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