12 Strongest Cannabis Strains Today

Have you ever wondered how the strongest weed on earth looks like? The Zenpype Team has broken down the list of strains and given you an in-depth look at the Most Potent Weed Strains.

12) , 22.51% THC

The Strawberry Banana strain is known for its sugary sweet terpene, and it said by many to taste like strawberry and banana yogurt. Bred by the legendary guys over at DNA Genetics,this flavor-packed cross of Banana OG and Bubblegum will leave you feeling like you just smoked a smoothie.

11) Guava Chem, 22.54% THC


An indica dominant hybrid of Chem 4 crossed with Tres Chemdawg, grown by the team over at San Jose Patients Group.

10) Red Dragon, 22.74% THC


Red Dragon is unique combo. Another interesting cross from the team at Barney’s Farm, this Himalayan Kush crossed with Utopia Haze (a Brazilian sativa) offers a great cannabis experience.

9) White Fire OG, 23.34% THC


White Fire OG, also know as WiFi OG, is a mixture of some heavy-hitting genetics. A perfect combination of the heavy diesel aroma from Fire OG crossed with the snow-covered, resin packed flowers from The White, leaving us with one powerful WiFi OG. There are many phenotypes out, but OG Raskal Genetics by Payasogrow took this spot.

8) Death Star, 23.99% THC


A classic cross of Sensi Star crossed with the legendary Sour Diesel. Recognized by both it’s pungent smell and euphoric effects, Death Star has the ability to take any connoisseur to the moon.

7) Nexus OG, 24% THC


Nexus OG went on stage for the first time at the 2014 LA Cannabis Cup, courtesy to the people at Venice Medical Center. This strain is a heavy indica, but carries unknown genetics. Regardless, coming in at 24% THC, one thing is known: this shit is potent.

6) Girl Scout Cookies , 24.13% THC


Girl Scout Cookie had an undeniably quick rise to fame within the cannabis world. The highly photogenic, frosty nugs pushed by name-drops from famous rappers like Wiz Khalifa and San Fransico’s Berner, quickly made Girl Scout Cookie a house-hold name. This cross of OG Kush with Durban Poison has continuously lived up to it’s hype, stockpiling numerous Cannabis Cup awards a long the way. If you want to learn more about the legend of Girl Scout Cookies,


5) Alien Dawg F2, 24.71% THC


According the legend, Alien Tech is an Afghani strain brought to the States by a U.S. Soilder. Alien Tech was then crossed with the famous Chem Dawg, creating this highly potent Alien Dawg.

4) Hey Dave, 24.71% THC


Hey Dave is an indica-dominant cross of Afghani OG Kush with Casey Jones.

3) Ghost Train Haze, 27.46% THC

Topping off our list is Ghost Train Haze. Producing big ol’, dense buds, covered in crystal-capped trichomes, Ghost Train Haze took First Place Sativa in the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup. Orignally bred by Rare Dankness, Ghost Train Haze is a cross of Ghost OG crossed with Nevile’s Wreck, and delivers a very potent dose of THC.

2) Satori, 28% THC

At its best, Satori’s THC content reaches 28%. Bred by Mandala Seeds, Satori creates a nice cerebral high. Expect to feel clearheaded, quick, and joyful after a few puffs of this sativa. A known mood lifter, Satori is a great choice for whenever you’re feeling a bit down or blue. Satori has Nepalese lineage, though its exact heritage is unknown to the public. This uplifting strain even has a happy, energizing aroma. Hints of fruit and spice complement earthy, pungent undertones.

1) Chiquita Banana, 33% THC

This strain has made headlines as one of the world’s strongest strains. Chiquita Banana is not for the faint of heart. This herbs THC levels can reach a soaring 33%. That’s about 10% higher than most high THC strains you typically find just about anywhere. Chiquita is a sativa-dominant herb that will get your creative juices flowing. You’ll thank her for all of the interesting conversations you’ll have after a few puffs. A little OG Kush thrown into the mix prevents you from getting too heady, however. Expect a nice balance between relaxation and mental stimulation.

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