20 Celebrities Who Love Weed And Talk Openly About It

Celebrities love their weed. In fact, many of them don’t mind showing it. From rocking pot leaf t-shirts to stepping out into the public eye lighting up, some stars don’t care who knows about their love for Mary Jane. Although we are familiar with cannabis enthusiasts like Snoop and Rihanna, some celebs are more of a surprise. Here are 20 celebrities who love pot and don’t care who knows it.

1. Morgan Freeman


Aside from using cannabis medically to help with his fibromyalgia, pot-smoker Freeman believes thecriminalization of marijuana is the stupidest law possible.

2. Whoopi Goldberg

23 Sep 1985, Near San Francisco, California, USA --- Whoopi Goldberg Lighting Cigarette --- Image by © Roger Ressmeyer/CORBISAside from using medical cannabis to treat her glaucoma, Whoopi believes in legalization. Not to mention, she has her own line of weed-infused products for women.

3. Natalie Portman


Natalie Portman told Entertainment Weekly that she used to be quite a pot-smoking lady during her college years at Harvard University. However, she apparently no longer consumes today.

4. Woody Harrelson


Aside from considering himself an active pot smoker, Harrelson has also been an active protester against America’s marijuana policy.

5. Willie Nelson

American country singer Willie Nelson takes a drag off a joint while relaxing at his home in Texas, 2000s. A large amount of marijuana is spread out on the table before him (Photo by Liaison/Getty Images)Although Willie Nelson has faced arrest several times for cannabis-related offenses, that doesn’t stop him from speaking his mind about unfair drug policies. In fact, he even has his own weed company in Colorado.

6. George Clooney


As a matter of fact, workers at an Amsterdam cannabis cafe say that Clooney visited them often. This would explain why he always appears to be cool, calm, and collected.

7. Justin Timberlake


When speaking with PlayBoy in 2011, Timberlake said he loves smoking pot because it helps him stop overthinking. In fact, he also believes people are better in general when they’re high.

8. Melanie Griffith


In general, lighting up on occasion isn’t seen as a big deal to Griffith. In fact, she says she would smoke with her kids if they were interested.

9. Rihanna


All in all, Rihanna really loves weed. As a matter of fact, she probably has more photos of her and the herb than she does without it.

10. Matthew McConaughey


If you’ve seen Dazed & Confused, you remember McConaughey as a stoner. In 1999, McConaughey got busted with weed by the cops, who also caught him naked playing bongos.

11. Jennifer Aniston


Perhaps one of the more surprising celebs, Jennifer Aniston told Rolling Stone that she enjoys cannabis and doesn’t see anything wrong with doing so.

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12. Cameron Diaz


Notably, Cameron Diaz bought her weed from Snoop during her High School years. And still today, she continues to enjoy the herb.

13. Drew Barrymore


Likewise to Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore smokes the herb. In fact, the two were caught enjoying a joint together on a beach in Hawaii.

14. Oliver Stone


During the Vietnam war, Oliver Stone used marijuana as a way to “stay human.”

15. Steve-O


During 2007, Steve-O swore never to touch drugs again. However, weed is still okay apparently.

16. Madonna

During David Letterman’s talk show in 1994, Madonna dropped the F-bomb and blamed it on the joint she smoked before the show. Furthermore, she told Reddit AMA that her favorite birthday gift ever received is her penis bong.

17. Seth Rogan


For the most part, Seth Rogan uses weed to help him write great comedy. Indeed, he uses lots and lots of weed.

18. Sarah Silverman


Being that Silverman had no problem sharing her liquid pot at the Emmy’s, it’s clear she doesn’t care what the world thinks of her love for the herb.

19. Lady Gaga


From time to time, Lady Gaga enjoys getting high while writing music. That explains the creativity of her songs.

20. Barbra Streisand


Despite Streisand smoking up with Peter Sellers, she just wouldn’t partake in sharing the green with Seth Rogan, her Guilt Trip co-star. If she would have, the movie would have been so much better.

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