20-year-old Man Use Facebook Live to Sell Cannabis

Milwaukee prosecutors say a 20-year-old man used Facebook Live to arrange marijuana sales.

Charging documents from the Milwaukee District Attorney’s Office say Jeffery S. Kirk interacted with people on Facebook Live and told them to call his cell phone while taking marijuana orders. Police say Kirk told detectives during his arrest last week that he is the man seen in the 40-minute video from Sept. 10, but that the marijuana investigators found in his home was for personal use.

Kirk is facing the following charges:

  • 4 counts of manufacture/deliver THC
  • 4 counts of possession of a firearm by adjudicated delinquent

According to the criminal complaint, police received the video on September 10. The video shows Kirk driving around the City of Milwaukee selling drugs and possessing guns. Kirk can be seen interacting with people who are posting on Facebook Live, telling them to call his phone and answering phone messages in which he takes orders for marijuana.

Kirk is free on $7,500 bail and is under electronic monitoring.

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