3 Easy Steps to Clean Your Grinder And Make It New Again

Grinders do not need frequent cleaning. Letting the keef collect in the grinder gives you a very potent reserve stage for special occasions, and if you´re constantly cleaning your grinder you don´t get nearly as much.

However, the keef does eventually begin to collect in the screen and the grinder and makes it a less useful piece of equipment.

1.Step: Scrape out the keef!

The first thing you should do is take apart all four pieces of your grinder (if it is a four piece grinder). Tap out as much keef as possible onto a piece of paper or a tray. There will be some keef stuck in the grooves and the screen as well as in the teeth of your grinder.

Experiment with things like a toothbrush, a plastic bristled paint brush or even a mascara brush that has been cleaned. All these things can get into the grooves of your grinder.

2. Step: Freezer

For optimum keef retrieval, put your grinder in the freezer for 20-30 minutes before trying to collect, as it will harden and make it easier to collect.

3. Step: Clean with ISO alcohol

The best thing to use to clean your grinder and make it like brand new is ISO alcohol. It will break through all the super thick weed gunk that is stuck around the edges and in the teeth. You may have to soak it. After you soak it, wipe it down with a towel. Use a q-tip to get into the grooves if you have to.

  • What is your way of cleaning your grinder? Let us know in comments below!
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