4 Hacks To Smoke Marijuana Regulary And Stay Productive

The great Snoop Dogg once said to smoke weed every day. But won’t that make you lazy? The truth is hell to the no. As it turns out, you can smoke pot seven days a week and still get shit done. Of course, blazing 24 hours a day will probably have you couch locked. But there’s plenty you can do to make it so that you can spark up and still handle business as usual. From limiting your consumption to storing your ganja correctly, here are 4 ways to smoke weed every day and stay productive at the same time.

Try vaping weed

For the most part, people who have tried vaping cannabis say that the high is more clean and clear with fewer sedative effects. Unlike smoking weed, a vaporizer only uses enough heat to evaporate terpenes and cannabinoids, but not enough to burn them. In fact, it’s been said that vaporizing is the healthiest way to consume the herb. So rather than sparking a pipe or bong, try vaping instead to avoid the drowsiness and harmful toxins that come from smoking.

Don’t smoke yourself into a weed coma

It’s best to experiment with dosage and find out what works for you. The key is to start off small. Perhaps you can limit your use during the day and save those intense sessions for night time only. But be sure not to experiment with dosing too often, and be patient between hits as THC takes roughly an hour to reach maximum concentration in the blood. By taking back to back hits, your THC levels will collect, and the effects will be more extreme.

Use terpene and cannabinoid profiles to determine the type of high you will get

Keep in mind that straight sativas and indicas can be hard to come across. In fact, most of what’s out there are hybrids, which contain a vast number of inconsistent characteristics that are passed down from their parents. In other words, just because it looks like a sativa, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not Indica-dominant.

Knowing the cannabinoid and terpene content of a strain can help you figure out what type of high you’ll get, which is essential if you want to avoid being in severe stuck mode.

Educate yourself about how cannabinoids and terpenes work in conjunction

So, information on terpenes, cannabinoids, and how they work together may be limited. But it still doesn’t hurt to read up on whatever you can find so that you can understand a little better how they produce certain effects.

[Updated, originally published 6.9. 2017]

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