The Flavor Is Amazing

I’m not trying to say that flower does not taste delicious; the bowl that I’m cradling in the palm of my hand as I write this is filled with some magically delicious sticky buds. Concentrates, for those who haven’t had them, are unlike anything that you’ve ever had before. The taste of a dab is smooth and delicious, almost like eating nougat I would say. Of course, it depends on what type of concentrate you get, and whether it’s made with butane or CO2.

You’ve Built Up A Tolerance To Flower

After you’ve been smoking or dry vaping flower for a while you tend to build up a tolerance to it. Of course, one of your options is to take a tolerance break, which is necessary from time to time, but also not very fun. Your other option is to switch to something stronger, and by that I mean concentrates. BHO concentrates are much, much stronger than flower. This means that they are perfect for those of us with high tolerances.

Weed Concentrate Highs Last Longer

The first time I smoked herb, I felt high for a good six hours as I binged on candy bars and potato chips. The longer I smoke, the more difficult it is for me to recreate that feeling that I got, no matter how dank the bud. Only one thing has worked: dabbing. The first time I took a dab I felt high for a good couple hours, to the point where it was difficult for me to process how stoned I actually was. Even a large bong bowl filled with the dankest of dank doesn’t come close.

They’re Also A Lot Stronger

Concentrate highs are not only longer lasting they are a hell of a lot stronger than the one you get from smoking flower. As I mentioned briefly above, concentrates are a lot more potent than dried flower. How much more potent are they? Well, consider that they are called “concentrates” first of all. Concentrates have tested as high as 80 percent THC, which I shouldn’t have to tell you is extremely high. So, take a break from flower and jump on the BHO bandwagon.