4 Reasons You Should Grind Your Weed

If you’re not grinding your weed before smoking it, you should know that you’re really missing out.
For some reason, some of you are reluctant to get on the grinding train, by that I mean grinding your herb. Some people think that it’s a hassle, or they’re too lazy or impatient to grind before loading a bowl. You’re missing out when you don’t grind your herb. The truth is that you could definitely be getting more from your smoke by grinding your herb.

Bowls Smoke Better

Bowls smoke so much better when you’re grinding your herb. If you don’t grind, you’re more likely to pack the bowl too tightly and end up with a clogged bowl. You can also pack it not tightly enough and then you end up sucking it through. When you pack a bowl with freshly ground herb on the other hand, you can pack it super tight and your bowl will still smoke perfectly. This saves you the hassle of poking and rotating the bowl.

Your Kief Doesn’t Go To Waste

Grinders are not only about grinding your herb. They also catch kief for you. If you’re not aware, kief are the crystals that cover your nugs, especially the really dank buds. Kief is a way of referring to the trichomes which contain a lot of the cannabinoids on mature plants. When you don’t grind, a lot of this kief is lost to the bag, the nug jar, and also your fingers. Sure you can recover some of it, but it’s so much easier to use a kief catcher.

Your Bowls Don’t Go To Waste

The worst thing about packing a bowl too densely that is you end up torching a lot of it trying to get a good hit off of it. This is horribly wasteful and not to mention frustrating as hell. You’re missing out on some good hits by not grinding your herb. Stop torching your bowls and start grinding your herb.

You Also Have A Handy Portable Storage Container

This is unrelated to grinding, but grinders are also great as storage containers. You can grind up enough herb to last you a day (or an hour) and it’s ready to load whenever you need it. You can carry it around with you while you’re out and about. This way you’ve always got a bowl ready when you need it, and that’s pretty convenient.
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