4 Simple Ways to Instantly Improve Your Weed Grow Room

Growing your own Marijuana is a work of fine art, especially when it comes to indoor growing; so why not improve your grow room? There are several key factors that lead to increased yields, higher quality bud, and an overall more lucrative operation. Luckily, making these small but necessary adjustments to a grow room can completely change your quality of weed. Here are five simple ways to do so. You can thank us later.

Harvest at the Right Time

Patience is a virtue when it comes to growing substantial cannabis plants. One of the most common mistakes made by growers is harvesting their bud before it is ready. You can decrease your growth potential by 25% by harvesting your plants too quickly.

Conversely, you can reduce the quality of your plants by waiting too long to pluck your plants. You are at risk of reducing smell and potency if you harvest too late. There is only a two to three-week window to allow your buds to ripen completely.

Additionally, you can choose to harvest depending on what type of high you prefer. Slightly early harvests can result in an energetic, euphoric high, while later harvests can result in more of a relaxed, couch high. Either way, make sure you’re diligent in the harvesting process, depending on what you’re going for.

Use the Right Nutrients

Finding the correct nutrients is also key to any grow operation. Additionally, the proper amount of nutrients looms large in the growing process. Typically, both a nutrient deficiency, or an oversaturation of nutrients can lead to the discoloration of leaves, or worse yet, the leaf death. Oftentimes, artificial or nutrient-based fertilizer can be overkill. Especially during the flowering stage, you’re going to want to give your plants fewer nutrients. The most efficient way of avoiding a nutrient problem is by either creating your own organic compost or super soil. If it’s totally organic, you won’t have to worry about toxicities in the plant.

Climate Control

Getting the right temperature can also prove to be integral to the success of a grow room. And, to a lesser extent, humidity. Temperature control is especially important during the plant’s flowering stage. High temperature during the flowering stage can result in a less potent smell and can burn away the terpines and cannabinoids. Moreover, excess heat or sudden cold can result in a much slower growth process. Make sure to keep temperature and humidity as consistent as possible, in order to optimize your plant growth.

Increased Light Intensity

Increasing the light intensity is a surefire way to instantly improve your grow room. If your plant isn’t receiving a high enough light intensity, it will literally stretch towards the source of light. This leads to too much space between the leaves and nodes, and worse yet, could cause the plant to grow too high that they fall over. Basically, during the flowering stage, intense light is needed to produce bigger buds.

The best way to increase light intensity is by purchasing indoor grow lights and making sure they are close to the plant itself. The farther away the bulb is, the less intense the lighting will be. Since it’s hard to get the proper lighting for all your plants, try to make sure the plants are all around the same height and are spaced close together. Additionally, you can use Low-Stress Training (LST) or take the tops off your plants (Topping), in order to achieve even light distribution throughout. However, most growers prefer LST since it keeps the stress levels of plants to a minimum.

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