4 Things You Can Do Better When Packing Your Vape

Packing a vape is different from packing a pipe. There’s a good chance that you’re not packing just right. For a better vaping experience, don’t do any of the following things. If you haven’t been vaping long, or you’ve just started, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re doing one or maybe all of the following things, which will all negatively affect the quality of your vape session. There’s a few tricks to packing a vape correctly to get the optimal effect. If you’re not doing it correctly, then you’re really missing out on the full experience of vaping. As long as you’re not doing any of the following things, you should be okay.

Packing Your Vape Too Loose

Packing a vape too loose is the most common mistake that rookie vapers make. It’s a common misconception that people make, probably because they’re used to packing a bowl in the conventional way. So how tight do you pack it? As with most things, it depends on the type of vape that you have If you have a vape that uses “conduction” heating like my Pax 2, then you should pack it very tight. Pack in as much ground flower as you can fit, then pack it down using something other than your finger, if it all possible. Then fill the rest of the space.

Not Grinding Your Weed Enough

The second most common mistake that vaping noobs make is not grinding the herb enough, or not grinding it at all. You’re not getting the most out of your vape if you’re not grinding your flower prior to packing. Packing a vape with nugs doesn’t allow the oven to heat up evenly, and you end up roasting your herb. At this point, you’d be better off just loading it into a pipe.

Packing Your Vape Dense

Along with packing a vape too loose, it’s also common to pack one too tightly. This is where knowing the difference between a conduction and a convection vape comes in handy. If you’re smoking from a Volcano, then you’re not going to be packing it as dense as you would a Pax 2. If you’re using a desktop vape, then it’s more likely to be a convection vape, so probably the smaller the vape, the tighter you should pack it.

Using Weed That Is Too Sticky

I know, we all love sticky herb, but using herb that has too much moisture is detrimental to the vaping process. This is one of the reasons why you should use ground flower rather than nugs? Think about what happens when you put wet food in the oven. Does it cook the same? Hey, you found another use for shake.

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