4 Ways To Make Your Cannabis Smoking Habit Healthier

So you’ve realized that maybe your health is actually important, and maybe you should start taking care of yourself. The first thing someone might tell you is that you should quit smoking weed. Don’t listen to that person. Cannabis consumption in and of itself is not bad for you, there are just certain consumption methods that are not as healthy as others. Luckily, there are ways to make your habit healthier.

Pay Attention To What You’re Smoking

Before legalization, there was no such thing as quality control for herb. What you got was what you got, and often times, you had no idea what was actually in your grass. Luckily the cannabis market is heavily regulated and subjected to strict quality control measures (in most states anyway). Ask your budtender questions about the strain before you buy it. Research different growers and only buy from ones that practice sustainable farming. You don’t want to be smoking weed covered in pesticides after all.

Use Only Water Pieces

Dry pieces are fun and convenient, but they are not so great for your lungs. I’m sure you’ve noticed that water pieces are not as harsh. The purpose of water pipes is to cool down your smoke before you take it into your lungs, as well as filter out all the ash and nasty crap that you inhale directly into your lungs with a dry piece. This is also the purpose of percolators, which cool down the smoke even more. Not to mention they make your hit taste super fresh and smooth. As far as water pieces go, you can’t go wrong with this tree perc ice bong from Blaze Glass.

Stop Smoking Spliffs

I know that this is a cultural thing. I got into smoking spliffs when I met a guy who was visiting from Amsterdam. He was an aspiring hip hop artist and we smoked spliff after spliff. The thing is that I was already a tobacco smoker so, I didn’t think it was a big deal. I was probably smoking the equivalent of two and a half packs a day, which didn’t faze me when I was 18, but would probably kill me now. Smoking spliffs is how a lot of people end up getting addicted to tobacco. Then you become a tobacco user and you’ll probably end up with lung cancer because that shit is super addictive. If you want to do the minimum to make your habit healthier, this is the way to go. Instead try this glass blunt from Grav Labs.

Vape It!

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Ditching combustion is perhaps one of the best ways to make your habit healthier, aside from maybe a tincture. A lot of people are becoming more health conscious with their cannabis and as such are moving away from the traditional smoking. Vaping is different from combustion in that you’re not torching your bud with butane and inhaling it. Instead, you’re heating it and inhaling the vapor. If you’re looking for a new vape, you can always check out the new Pax 3.

[Updated, originally published 15.8. 2017]

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