4 Ways Weed Can Help You Avoid Family Drama This Thanksgiving

However, we might need some help to deal with other issues that resulted from this year’s elections. With anxiety levels potentially so high, we should be too.This is undeniable considering president-elect Trump’s pick for attorney general is a vocal opponent of marijuana and has said that “good people don’t smoke pot.” Really.To avoid indigestion stemming from that insane remark and the other equally worrisome Trump cabinet choices combined with the inevitable result of overeating, all efforts should be made to calm the mind, spirit and digestive system this Thanksgiving.This is where your stash of weed, discreet vape pen or even a breakfast edible will come in handy. Even if your family or friend gathering wisely steers clear of politics, there are also scientific reasons for getting stoned on Thanksgiving:

Pot stimulates appetite and makes food taste better

Munchies are real. A 2014 study found the increased appetite experienced after smoking is related to pot’s effect on your sense of smell, often translating into acute hunger because smell and taste are related.


Then there is the “cuddle hormone,”

oxytocin, which enhances the social experience, meaning pot can improve interpersonal bonding. This could prove to be essential when dealing with relatives you would not normally tolerate for a non-stoned second, let alone a lengthy meal and especially after the November elections.


Pot can help with digestive disorders

as it protects the stomach lining, according to a study published in the British Journal of Anesthesia And, as we all know, pot is safer than alcohol by a long shot. This is especially important for those who have to drive cars and those who wish to avoid the hangover that usually accompanies that third or fourth glass of wine.


And, last but not least, a few tokes can reduce anxiety.

An international study at Vanderbilt University found that when we encounter too much stress, our body’s natural cannabinoid levels may not be sufficient to prevent debilitating anxiety. This explains why when we’re surrounded by people we sometimes need a little help to boost those levels.


And this Thanksgiving, we all need and deserve a little boost.