5 Classic Stories With A Weed Twist

We all love the classic childhood stories about a prince slaying a dragon, to rescue a beautiful princess, from whatever mess she’s undoubtedly gotten herself into. The tales teach us the importance of chivalry, perseverance, confronting fear and, in some cases, the importance of not taking fruit from strangers.

Fables give readers the opportunity to escape into another world, but what if cannabis existed in those worlds? There are definitely certain parts of these fantasies where characters have to be high: singing animals, talking dishes, brooms that work on their own…yeah, okay. Surely the characters had a secret royal stash of the dankest herbs available, making it much easier to maintain those bubbly personalities.

6. Snow White

Do we all remember the scene where Snow White is running through the woods, absolutely hysterical, after the Huntsman let her go? Big, scary eyes peering out from the darkness, which were actually just rabbits and squirrels; the trees howling and bending down, from the wind, pulling at Snow’s dress until she fell to the ground. This, my friends, is marijuana induced paranoia. Not to mention, she must have shared with those animals to get them to clean her house.


We all know Alice in Wonderland was a psychedelic trip to begin with, but few know Alice imagined it all because the chronic she was using was just that strong. Even the caterpillar puffed a few smoke rings on screen, but surely they enjoyed a high together. Strolling through the field of wildflowers just wouldn’t have been the same sober.


When you’re being held captive by a hairy beast, there’s not much else to do but indulge in some cannabis. Belle discovered Cogsworth and Lumiere could roll the perfect joint, while Chip made for an excellent self-cleaning ash tray. Actually, don’t tell Mrs. Potts, but Chip got that nick in his porcelain while hotboxing inside Belle’s wardrobe, Madame Bouche.

Peter Pan

When Peter wasn’t rescuing Wendy or keeping the Lost Boys in line, he enjoyed flying into the clouds with Tink to catch a buzz. Captain Hook was always jealous of Peter’s superior supply. In fact, the reason Peter had to cutoff Captain Hook’s hand was because Hook tried breaking into his secret stash.

Princess Jasmine

As soon as Aladdin announced he had a magic carpet, Princess Jasmine knew he enjoyed in the finer things in life. Not sparing a moment, she grabbed a spliff for them to share and opened his eyes to a whole new world. When Jasmine learned about Genie, she begged Aladdin to wish for endless weed, but of course, saving Agrabah from Jafar was more important.

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