5 Creative Ways Of Best Using Your Marijuana Stems

We’ve all been there: faced with leftover cannabis stems that typically just end up in the garbage bin. But the next time you’re faced with cannabis stems – don’t throw them out, because we’re about to teach you 5 creative ways to make use of them.

Make cannabis tea

Make tea, or chai out of a stem tincture: To make the tincture, set aside a handful of stems and chop them. Pour 450ml of milk or water into a small saucepan. Add the chopped stems and gradually bring to boil (prevent it from bubbling), and stir. Continue stirring for around 10 minutes until the liquid reduces. Strain the stems, return it to the saucepan, and lower the heat.

Add your preferred herbs and sweeteners to give life to cannabis tea, which can taste a little too grassy on its own. If you want a tea to help you relax before going to bed, add some lavender or chamomile tea.

To make chai, add some cardamom pods, honey, and pepper.

Make Cannabis Topicals

All you need to make some great cannabis topicals are a few steps and easy to find supplies. Stems can have the same therapeutic benefit as store-bought topicals, plus you can make them right at home. Here are some great recipes for topicals; all you need to do is substitute ground cannabis for chopped up stems instead.

Another way to use stems for topicals is by making a liniment. Split the stems lengthwise down the middle, then chop them up into tiny pieces. Place the chopped stems in a sealable jar, and pour 99% isopropyl alcohol over it and seal it. Let the mixture sit in a cool, dark area until all the plant pieces sink to the bottom. Once done, strain it – or let the stems stay in the container. You can use a cotton pad to rub it onto the affected area.

Using cannabis stems for topicals will yield a low-THC product, but it will still be useful in treating swelling, bruises, bug bites, and even toning the skin. A moderate THC content is good enough to have mild numbing effects, which you can use for sore muscles or localized pain relief.

Make cannabutter

If you find yourself with a large stash of stems, you can use it to make cannabutter. You’ll need ¼ ounces of stems, 1 stick of butter, and 1 cup of water. Grind the stems up using a food processor until all the plant matter is thoroughly ground. Then in a large saucepan, mix the water, butter, and ground plant material. Cook it low and slow for 8 to as long as 24 hours if possible. The longer the better, because this process is needed to

Allow the mixture to simmer on low heat for 20-30 minutes, then you can use it.

Make cannabis coctails

Many of us love mixing our weed with booze in more ways than one. If you have some leftover cannabis stems, you can make your very own pot liquor. You’ll need a strong alcohol like tequila, vodka, or rum (as long as it’s at least 40% alcohol). Decarboxylate your stems first to activate the THC, then add the activated stem material into a bottle of your preferred booze. Close the bottle then shake it well; leave it in a dark place for at least 7 days.

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Each day throughout the infusion, shake the liquor bottle vigorously. During this time, the alcohol will absorb the THC from the stems. Once you’re ready to enjoy your cannabis cocktail, strain it to get rid of all the plant matter. But before you go all bottoms-up, test the potency of your new homemade cocktail.

Make Hash oil

Bet you didn’t know you could use your stems to make some hash oil. It won’t be as potent as hash oil made from kief or flowers, but it’ll still give you a buzz. You’ll need 99% isopropyl alcohol. Grind the stems finely (in a food processor is best) until it becomes a fine powder. In a glass jar, pour the alcohol and stem powder, cover and shake vigorously for two minutes.

After straining, immediately strain the liquid then transfer to a wide bowl or glass dish. Make sure that its placed in a well-ventilated area, so that all the alcohol can evaporate. Once this process is done, it will leave you with a sticky residue – that’s your hash oil.

What do you do with leftover stems? Let us know  in the comments below.

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