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5 Issues Marijuana Users Can’t Agree On

Whenever a group of stoner friends get high, there’s bound to be some debates stirring up. There are few better times to tackle opinions and perspectives than when you are high and the people around you are completely open to hearing you out and listening to what you have to say. Whether it be a kickback, a couch-locked moment or simply when it’s just you and your best cannabis-loving friend having a one-on-one talk and sharing a joint, there’s never a wrong time to talk about certain topics when you’re getting baked.

It seems that throughout the United States the conversational trends follow a pattern. Chances are, in the end the opinions won’t matter that much and most people should respect your stance on one of these particular topics, but nevertheless the conversations remain the same. There’s a likelihood that if you’ve ever gotten high in a social setting or amongst a friend or two, you’ve probably covered at least one of the following topics of conversation…

Here are the top 5 issues marijuana users just can’t agree on…

1. The Best Way to Consume Your Reefer Is…

Bong? Pipe? One-hitter? Edible? Dab? Vape? Tincture? Joint? Spliff? Blunt? Pure CBD extract? Tea? Bottle bong? Apple? Homemade soda can pipe? It seems there are a million different ways that you can consume your ganja, and apparently every single stoner has a different opinion regarding which one they prefer. While some prefer the classic bong or pipe and lighter technique, others are quite against this method of consumption and opt only for a rolled version. On the other hand, some people prefer not to smoke at all, choosing only to consume their cannabis products in the form of an edible, tincture, candy, gummy, chocolate or other form. And of course, there’s those ultra-experienced stoners who can hardly get high from the hits off a regular bong or pipe, so they choose to dab or vape high potency extracts, because this is the only way that they feel they can get blazed.

Finally, cannabis consumers can be further divided into those who choose to ingest marijuana products that contain little to no THC whatsoever, which is typically in the form of a cannabidiol (CBD) extract that comes in either capsule or tincture form. This choice provides numerous medical benefits, without actually getting you high due to its inability to produce psychoactive effects. Regardless of what you choose, it can be fun to hear the opinions of those around you and recognize how different, opinionated and unique each human being is. Who knows, you might even run into someone who loves ganja in the same manner that you do, a.k.a. your herbal soul mate!

2. Sativa or Indica?

Ahhhh yes, the age old question. Sativa, indica, or something in between? This is a common tæpir that arises amongst the company of other cannabis consumers, and it is certainly not an easy thing to answer, because there really is no right answer. Sativas, indicas and hybrids all offer their own array of pros and cons, and they so heavily vary from strain to strain. Not to mention that nowadays it’s genetically almost impossible to find a 100% pure sativa or indica, so with that being said almost every strain is basically some form of a hybrid – even if mildly mixed. Weed types with heavier sativa genetics are known for being more energizing, motivating and uplifting, which makes them preferable to consume even early in the morning. Indicas, on the other hand are sedating, relaxing, calming and tranquility-inducing.

Hybrids range immensely in character, but they usually fall somewhere between a sativa and an indica (obviously). Nevertheless, the conversation still remains the same, and stoners just cannot agree on which strain type is best. In the end, this is 100% a personal preference, because not everyone is suited for one strain type. All humans are diverse and original, which means that a strain which could work amazing for your friend and be everything they need, might simply not do anything for you.

3. Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders?

Don’t talk religion or politics at the dinner table they say. This is definitely a rule that marijuana users don’t follow. At least once during a social gathering where weed is involved, you know that the topic of politics is going to come up. This was extremely prevalent especially during the preliminary campaigning before the presidential primary elections when both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump were running as possible presidential elects.

Regardless of where your political opinion stands, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders both represented a concept of non-traditional candidates and politics, even though they were vastly different from one another. Even though Trump does not support marijuana legalization, many cannabis consumers became quite fond of him, while the reason for the likeness of Bernie Sanders is pretty self-explanatory: he definitely wanted legal weed.

This is probably one of the more controversial and uncomfortable topics that marijuana users simply can’t agree on, and even now (almost a year after the primary election), people are still debating over which option would’ve been the best.

4. Colorado or Cali Weed, What’s Better?

Now this is a complicated question. More stoners will tell you that they prefer the weed of whatever place is closer to them. The moment in which this debate gets the loudest, is if you have both a California and a Colorado native sitting in one room talking together. Since both locations offer top-of-the-line cannabis, it can be really challenging to determine what is actually better. Furthermore, it depends so much upon what dispensary the herb is bought from, what type of operation was the ganja grown in, the strain type of the marijuana and even how the buds were stored.

All of this can affect potency and quality, but part of the reason why Colorado and Cali weed is notorious is because of the freshness of the product. There are thousands of cultivation operations in both of these states, so there’s bound to be a fresh supply nearby that’s ready to be delivered to either a medical marijuana dispensary or recreational pot shop. Price wise, of course it depends on the location, but in general the reefer costs about the same. Also, both California and Colorado offer some strains that are only available in that particular state, so whether you choose Cali or CO, this factor might make each experience distinctive and enjoyable in its own way.

5. The Frostier the Strain, the Higher the THC Content.

Somewhat of a myth in the marijuana world, many cannabis consumers genuinely and wholeheartedly believe that the only time a strain can have a high THC content is when the buds are covered in thick, frosty crystals. Unfortunately, knowing a batch’s potency is not quite this simple. Whether or not a strain develops heavy quantities of crystals is mostly up to genetics. Some strains are simply more inclined to produce these frosty trichomes, while others can contain a massive THC content and look mostly like green, balled up grass. Crystals do certainly increase the potency, which adds to the already present strength of the base strain, but some strains are just ridiculously strong even without the trichomes. Nevertheless, there probably will not come a day when all marijuana users can agree on this topic, and that’s okay – more frosty weed for everyone.

Plus, there’s always the option of getting something stronger if you cannot determine whether or not the strain you’re about to purchase is potent. For example you can opt to buy extracts or concentrates such as dabs or shatter. Or, if you prefer something smoke-free, you can always go for an edible. They’re usually pre-dosed and you can typically read on the label how much THC is going to be present in that delicious treat of yours. This fool-proof method will leave you with no surprises.

The one thing every single stoner CAN agree on?

Jeff Sessions should be fired, immediately…

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