5 Most Weird Places People Have Found Weed In

Being the most commonly used substance, cannabis is pretty accessible these days. By heading to the local dispensary or calling up your weed guy, it’s not too difficult to get your hands on a bag or two. For the following people, it appears that the weed they found may have been a bit too accessible.

McDonalds Happy Meal Weed

An eight-year-old girl in Chicago was surprised to find something extra happy in her McDonald’s Happy Meal. Thinking that she found three “toys,” she showed her parents who discovered the “toys” to be a lighter, a pipe, and a bag of weed. Talk about a happy meal.

The backyard Weed

When Mack Reed decided to install solar panels in his backyard, what he found was more than a gift from the solar gods. After digging around in the backyard, Reed stumbled upon an open vault that was hidden underneath a hot tub. Reed called a technician to take a look who then pulled out a bag stuffed inside with sixty bottles containing weed worth $175,000. Can you say jack-pot?

Weed Inside a painting

In 2010, an 80-year-old man from Cherokee County, Georgia bought a painting at a post office auction. Not too long after, the man decided to sell the painting but discovered four pounds of cannabis were stashed inside the frame of the painting. However, instead of keeping the stash, the man decided to turn it into the police.

Weed Carrots

Recently, about 2,500 pounds of marijuana was found in a carrot shipment that was entering the U.S. It was soon discovered that the carrots were not real carrots but containers that looked like carrots, stuffed with a total of 2,500 pounds of marijuana. The produce truck was crossing the Texas-Mexico border when it was stopped. Who’s teaching these guys how to smuggle weed?

An ancient mummy Buried With Weed

In 2008, archeologists were scoping out the Gobi Desert in northern China only to find something a bit more exotic than animal fossils. When they came across a 2,700-year-old burial site, they found two pounds of marijuana buried with an ancient mummy. The marijuana, which was still green when they found it, was brought to a lab to be tested. The lab tests confirmed that the herb was indeed marijuana, not just hemp.

The universe works in mysterious ways and maybe one day you’ll come across some weed crammed in your grandmother’s locket that was passed down through generations.

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