“Try Putting Soda In Your Bong”

I don’t know why anyone would ever want to do this, but some insist that putting soda in your bong makes it taste better, and the carbonation gets you higher. This is dumb, and whomever is telling you this needs to pick up a science book. Some people like to put weird shit in their bongs, and honestly, this just seems like a terrible idea. Cleaning a bong is enough of a chore, imagine having to clean a bong that is not only stinky, but also super sticky because you decided to pour the rest of your cherry coke in there. Don’t ruin the taste of perfectly good bud, and a perfectly good bong, stick to water.


“Hold It In As Long As You Can”

This isn’t so much bad advice as much as it is useless. Holding in a hit as long as you possibly can doesn’t get you any higher, but it can make you dizzy, and make you cough more. Also, contrary to popular belief, coughing more does not get you higher. Conversely, make sure that you are actually inhaling the smoke into lungs, don’t pull a Bill Clinton by exhaling immediately.


“If You’re Not Feeling It, Try Doing More”

This doesn’t so much apply to smoking more, as it does with edibles. If you’re not high after smoking a bowl, smoking a little more isn’t going to put you over the edge, especially if you’re a person with a higher tolerance. If you’re with someone who has never done edibles of any kind before, probably one of the worst things that you could tell them is to do more if they’re not feeling it. Anyone who’s been at this for a while knows that edibles take a while to kick in. If it’s been an hour, and they’re still not feeling it, then you’re good to tell them to eat more.


“It Doesn’t Matter How You Pack The Bowl”

A lot of people think that it doesn’t matter how you pack the bowl; as long as you fill it with buds, it’ll still smoke. This is true, but getting the optimal smoking experience depends a lot on how you pack the bowl. This is one of the reasons why grinders were invented. Packing the bowl incorrectly doesn’t allow the pipe to draw properly, and you end up just toasting your bowl. There are different ways to pack the bowl correctly, depending on the type of piece and the type of bud; find the one that works best for you.


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