5 Places To Hide Your Weed On Your Body Before You Are Stopped By The Cops

The reasons to have to hide weed can be endless, but in extreme situations, good hiding spots can truly be a lifesaver. And if you are in a place where your only option is to hide the stash somewhere on you, finding the perfect spot can be tricky. Hiding the smell somewhat is pretty important too because today’s cannabis can be pretty pungent and obvious. Here are six last-minute places that you can hide weed during desperate times.

Straight into the crotch or bra

This seems to be one of the most common places to store cannabis among many women who want to keep their stash hidden and close by. The advantages of this method are pretty obvious, as long as it’s not a huge amount being hidden, these areas should never be frisked.

And the chance of having someone ask you to remove underwear or a bra to investigate is pretty close to zero.

Underneath a phone case

Again, this is ideal for small amounts of pre-ground cannabis or potentially a couple of regular sized joints. Many people carry cash or cards under their phone case, so why not your stash when times get tense?

In the sole of your shoe

This wouldn’t be ideal for anything police related- but for any other scenario, hiding cannabis in the sole of your shoes can be a quick and easy solution to a potential problem.

Inside a folded pant-leg

For fans of this style of jeans, this could be a super easy way to incorporate fashion with the safe transportation of your cannabis flower.

The only downsides to this method would be the limited amount of storage space(unless both pant legs are used) and the constant paranoia of your folds rolling down causing your herb to disappear into the abyss.

Behind a belt buckle

For men with decent sized belt buckles, this spot can be great if you know you are going to be frisked. The bigger the buckle is, the more room there is to cover up your baggy.

Make sure the belt is tight to ensure your stash won’t down you pant leg in the middle of an interrogation because it’s happened to the best of us.

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