5 Reasons Why You Should Get Super Blazed Now

There is no wrong day to toke on the ganja. And you could be dabbling in worse things, like meth or alcohol. But since you’re here, you’d rather choose the weed life than your deathbed, am I right? In case you need an excuse to spark up right now, here are 5 reasons to get super blazed today.

1. Because you can


In reality, who’s stopping you from lighting up right at this very moment? Sure, maybe the FDA and their ignorant view on the plant. But other than that, you’re welcome to have a puff or two, even if you have to hide in a closet or the laundry room to do so.

2. Because you want that good sleep

You know, that deep sleep. The kind of sleep that leaves you feeling refreshed and good as new the next day. By taking several hits of ganja before bed, you’ll get all the z’s you need.

3. Because you need an extra boost to help get you through your daily tasks

It’s hard to work up the nerve to wash that huge pile of laundry and clean the mountain of dishes in your sink. But after having a nice sesh, you’ll feel productive and energetic enough to tackle it all.

4. Because you really, really don’t want to work out

If you are someone who would rather stick your head in a toilet than exercise, you aren’t alone. That’s why you should be smoking pot right now to get you motivated. Also, working out while high intensifies your buzz, so there’s that.

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