5 Strongest Dabs Right Now

Dabbing is nothing new, but improved extraction technology has drastically increased its popularity and created some of the strongest dabs. The introduction of some of the strongest dabs the market’s ever seen has caused a rise in the popularity of dabbing alongside vaping. While dabbing and vaping offer healthier alternatives to smoking, they tend to appeal to different aspects of the growing cannabis community. Vaping offers a discreet way of ingesting cannabis using highly concentrated oils. But let`s speak about dabs: their major advantage is the ability to preserve terpenes during extraction. That makes dabs not only strong – very, very strong extracts, but also full of flavor. Not mentioning health benefits of terpenes.

5.Grape Ape Solventless Clear

Clarity Concentrates has not only developed an incredibly potent oil from Strawberry Cough, they have also taken the indica-dominant Grape Ape and refined a 92.15 percent THC oil. Grape Ape is another very popular strain. Grape Ape was developed from the crossing of Skunk, Afghani, and Mendocino Purps. This strain is known for its relaxing effects, and pain-relieving abilities. Like Strawberry Cough, others have developed different extracts from Grape Ape, but nothing can compare to the potency of the oil they sell loose or in vape cartridges. If you’re looking for pain-relief or some deep relaxation, then this might be one of the strongest dabs for just that. If you want to get ahold of it, it’s currently being distributed in several Vancouver dispensaries.

4. T-Rex Concentrates Predator Pink

Like Clear Concentrates, T-Rex Concentrates has been making a name for themselves with this ridiculously powerful Predator Pink. It’s getting a lot of hype right now. At 92.36 percent THC, that’s probably not undeserved hype. The terpenes in this concentrate give it a unique flavor of musk, wood, hops, and spice. Predator Pink is a hybrid, indica-dominant strain that hits with high euphoria and mellows into a deeply relaxing high. Dabbing this concentrate puts all that euphoric high into an immediate delivery. This is definitely one of the strongest dabs on this list. Take care if you’re going to start dabbing with this one.

3. Premium Solventless Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough is already known as one of the most popular strains out there. This award-winning strain is a cross of Strawberry Fields and Original Haze. The sativa dominant blend is known for its euphoric effects, relief of anxiety and ability to reduce stress. Now Clarity Concentrates has developed a Premium Solventless Strawberry Cough. While others have specifically developed resins, shatters, and waxes for dabbing Strawberry Cough, none of these can compare to the purity of Clarity Concentrates’ extraction. Clarity Concentrates offers it in a loose oil or in a vape cartridge. While not ideal for dabbing, the oil still tops out at 92.92 percent THC. You can also get ahold of a Strawberry Cough BHO, but it tends to sit around 75 percent THC. Better to stick with this delicious strawberry flavored monster.

2. Asian Pear Clear Distillate

Asian Pear is a strain that was once believed to be extinct. Apparently Dream City extractors in Washington have found some of it and they’re growing and extracting it. Because Asian Pear was thought to be extinct, there’s incredibly little information online about it. What we do know is that it’s a sativa-dominant strain. Other than that, it’s not clear what kind of high Asian Pear will deliver. What is clear, however, is that this is one of the strongest dabs. With 93.2 percent THC, Dream City’s Asian Pear Clear Distillate is a beautiful honey colored concentrate. Terpenes have also been added to this concentrate to enhance its flavor. Just like some of the other dabs on this list, Asian Pear Clear Distillate is not only incredibly powerful, it’s also a wonderful and flavorful experience.

1. Clear Concentrate

Clear Concentrate is a California company that makes a dab simply called, Clear. It’s living up to that name, too. Reviews and lab tests of Clear Concentrate’s products rave about it. It has been on the top of the dabbing world with one of the strongest dabs since 2013. Their 100 percent solvent-free concentrate comes in 16 different flavors using terpenes and all-natural ingredients. More importantly, external lab results show Clear Concentrate exceeding 90 percent THC, and the company claims to be able to produce a dab with up to 96 percent THC. Clear Concentrate has achieved its impressive results by focusing on the science of extraction and working tirelessly to improve the process. In fact, Clear Concentrate is so pure that it can be used in oral and transdermal applications. This level of purity can be claimed by very few other dabs today.

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