All You Need To Know For A Successful Weed Tolerance Break

Have you started to notice that the effects of cannabis aren’t quite at the level that they used to be? Well, this phenomenon is known as cannabis tolerance. When THC is being consumed too regularly, the receptors that bind to it can wear out temporarily. This causes fewer receptors to actually receive the drug, thus giving the feeling like you aren’t very high. Not to worry, as a tolerance break can totally fix this issue. Here are five ways to have the most enjoyable and successful tolerance break.

Create a schedule

The most important part of a tolerance break is setting a strict regimen that you can easily follow. Writing on your calendar is a great way to remind yourself when you can start enjoying cannabis again.

It will also allow you to make a plan of what to do on your days off, as keeping busy is vital to make it through. At the minimum, at least a week long break is recommend .

Stay busy

With lots of extra time on your hands, why not enjoy it? Plan activities that you don’t just enjoy, but something that will also contribute to your health and wellness.

Start a good book, learn to play an instrument, or start exercising more. And then who knows, these activities might continue once your tolerance break ends, thus making you overall a healthier person.

Clean your glass and hide the stash

A great way to avoid temptation during the tolerance break is to hide anything that reminds you of cannabis. That means cleaning your bong/rig and hiding it in a place that you won’t accidently see.

Cleaning the gear will remind you that you are striving to keep it clean until the day your break ends. Often just thinking about how great that day will be is often enough to resist temptation.

Cut down slowly before the break begins

Everyone knows that slowly cutting back is much easier on the body than quitting cold turkey. Of course, this logic follows for stopping cannabis for a while.

Withdrawal symptoms will be much less noticeable if you cut your use heavily before the break, aim for a 50% reduction just to be sure.

Eat healthily and exercise

The best way to flush excess THC out of your system is to do intense cardio workouts. Remember that cardio isn’t limited to running on a treadmill for an hour. Start playing your favorite sport regularly or sign up for group workouts.

Whatever kind of intense physical activity that you enjoy, just go for it. You’ll feel great afterward, and even better when you start eating healthier.


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