5 Tricks To Make Your High Last Longer

Every stoner remembers the first joint or bong that they ever smoked, being intensely high and laughing for hours on end.  But it seems that the longer you smoke weed for, the harder it is to get that intense high or to stay high as long as you used to when you first started smoking. As it turns out, there are many healthy foods that can improve and extend your high. Luckily for seasoned smokers, we have some hacks that you can use to prolong your high.

Enhance your experience and enjoy effects of weed every minute, while it lasts.

1) Avoid Eating (except cannabis edibles, mangoes or nuts)

Don’t eat directly after you get high. You will get sleepy, burned out, and your high will therefore not last long. Eating regular food seems to shorten the duration of the high through ingestion or through smoking.

2) Mango

This might sound strange, but mangoes do work. There is some strange alchemy going on when you eat ripe mangoes, or any other fruit containing myrcene, before smoking. When combined with weed, the chemical compounds (myrcene terpenes) within the mangoes go to work. They combine with the same substance in your bud maximizing the high effect making it last longer so you can stay high longer. It really depends on the person smoking, but it will sometimes strengthen and even lengthen your experience. After combining some mangoes with your weed, you won’t be asking anymore how to make your high more intense or last longer.


If you don’t want to get completely wrecked but enjoy the experience, then tea may be the solution. If you’re into herbal tea, then you will love this hack. Thyme, Bay and Sage have a terpene in them called pinene, well known to open up the passages in the lungs. This can enable the cannabinoids in your weed to reach those passages much easier. However, it doesn’t just speed up the high. Pinene enables the body to absorb cannabinoids better, too, which means that your high can also be much longer lasting.

4) Nuts

Next time you have a craving for munchies, forget the traditional snacks and pick up some nuts. Nuts are packed with Omega 3 fatty acids which tend to bind with the cannabinoids in marijuana. Not only will it help you reach your high faster, but it also makes your better and last longer.

5) Cannabis Edibles

Some edibles will simply rock your world. Your best bet would be to go to your local dispensary and ask for something that has high levels of THC. They will know what to recommend. Edibles are known for intensifying the high and helping it it last longer.

Ahh, of course you could always just smoke more.

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