5 Tricks To Make Your Weed Last Longer

Are you spending too much money on weed? Cannabis may be legal, but it certainly isn’t cheap. Weed is like time; no matter how much it seems we have, it seems to run out all too quickly. One minute you’ve got enough to keep you lit for a week; the next one you’re looking for roaches in ashtrays.

So, here are a few smoker life-hacks to making that next bag go further.

Use a Wick

If you’re smoking out of a bong or a piper, lighting up with a wick allows you to “corner” your bowl, using the small surface area to light up parts of your weed and not others rather than just torching the whole thing at once. Our wicks also hold a lower temperature flame than a butane lighter, meaning it burns slower, which means the weed itself burns slower.

Try vaping instead of smoking

Vaporizers are almost magical: they can get you just as high with less weed! This is because they burn the plant slower, allowing the THC to burn before the weed itself does, meaning you’ve still got nugs to poke at for way longer than if you were smoking a bong, a blunt or a joint.

Save your roaches

OK, so this can be a bit gross. But sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. There can be enough in a bunch of roaches for a joint, or bong.

Corner your bowl

Lighting up the entire bowl at once burns through the weed a lot faster. Igniting just a corner means you’re wise enough to realize burning a bowl isn’t a race… it’s a scenic drive. It’s easy to fall into the habit of smoking canon sized joints or massive bowls, but you might be surprised by how little weed can get you high.

Roll Spliffs

Do it European style. Over there it’s common practice to mix tobacco with weed into a spliff which, compared to a blunt or a pure joint, requires a lot less weed to burn down. It might take longer to get as high, of course, but we’re willing to bet if you smoke one or two of these you’ll be just fine.

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