5 Tricks When Your Weed Tolerance Is Too High

Well, every smoker needs a hack for when their weed tolerance gets too high. We’ve all been there as smokers, where we are chewing through a bag of green like candy because we’ve become to tolerant. But smokers should have no fear because we have some hacks for you to help combat your weed tolerance.

Bringing your tolerance down can require some changes to your smoking routine, but it doesn’t have to involve stopping altogether.

Here are some Tricks for when your tolerance is too high!

5. Try not to smoke all day


We can be high all day without having to smoke all day. If you are smoking all day, chances are you aren’t getting any higher. You are just building your tolerance while remaining stoned. If the weed you’re smoking is top quality, you should be able to smoke once in the morning, at lunch, and then again early evening  – and still remain high for the most part of the day.

4. Roll with smaller papers


Rolling with smaller papers also ensures a smaller intake of weed. You will consequently have smaller joints or blunts and effectively less weed in there. If you’re the kind of person that likes to smoke throughout the day, using smaller papers means you can smoke less and just as often.

3. Buy a one-hitter / chillum


A hitter, or chillum, is a small pipe that fits just enough for one hit. These make it easy to step around the corner and discretely sneak in your afternoon smoke. They also don´t accommodate for much of your green, because they only fit one hit! This also means you won´t have to carry around your bag of weed (which makes it tempting to smoke more). You can pack your hitter, put it in your pocket, and be on your way.

2. Smaller dabs, or smaller buds


When you are preparing your joint or your bong, try using dabs or buds half the size you would normally use. Smokers usually smoke way more than required to get high, and this builds a tolerance. It’s likely that you will still get high even by smoking only half of what you usually would in a joint or bong hit. The extra stuff that you usually smoke is just superfluous and doesn’t contribute any further to your high. So next time you are rolling a joint, and you’ve picked a bud out of your bag, break it in half. Then use that for your joint!

1. Take a tolerance break


Ok, so this is the one most of you probably don´t want to read. But it´s the most effective hack for combating your tolerance. Cut back altogether – just for a week or two. The first smoke you have after your tolerance break will be like the first time you smoked, and you’ll be tripping!
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