5 Unusual Ways To Get High

Cannabis users are a pretty creative bunch and have come up with a bunch of other ways to get high without inhaling smoke. We’ve collected five of the techniques you might want to consider.


Weed can be taken in capsule form, just like other kinds of medications. You can make your own cannacaps or buy some at your nearest dispensary. Be warned though, that marijuana in capsules can deliver a really strong high. And unlike other edibles, which you are already consuming in some form of food (like space brownies), capsules should not be taken on an empty stomach.


Some dispensaries carry cannabis-infused drinks that come in a wide variety of flavors and tastes. Whether you choose to have it in a tea, beer, soda, smoothie, or juice form, cannabis-infused drinks can be a delicious and refreshing way to get pot into your system without smoking or eating it. Depending on the product, infused drinks can take anywhere between half an hour or two hours to kick in. Just like with edibles, test your tolerance for drinks by starting out with small sips then waiting half an hour before you take more. Even if that infused juice tastes good – you will have to resist chugging the whole bottle unless you want to risk going nuts by getting too stoned.


Infused lubricant is not a new phenomenon—sites from VICE to GQ have covered it simply because it’s taboo. The consensus on weed lube, unfortunately, has been that while it’s a fun novelty product, it doesn’t accomplish much beyond a tingle. If you own weed lube and are disappointed with the results, I can attest to the potency of using the product as a tincture. It is safe for consumption although I feel compelled to warn you that it did take away my ability to read for a couple hours.


THC sprays are similar to tinctures, except that it takes the form of a spray. It’s administered directly to the mouth, and a hit or two of these sprays can give you an awesome high that will last up to 3 hours. THC sprays are ideal if you are looking for a portable solution for getting high, or if you’re going to be traveling anytime soon.


The anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis make this a potentially exciting new product for millions of Americans who suffer from gum disease. Of course, this is no substitute for annual cleanings, but this product exemplifies the many ways in which cannabis might improve our everyday lives.

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