5 Ways To Benefit From Marijuana Topicals

If you haven’t checked out your local dispensary’s topical section, stop by and look next time you visit. Cannabis topicals are rising in popularity and more people than ever realizing the benefits. A topical is any balm, oil, cream, spray or other substance infused with cannabis extracts and applied to the skin.

Transdermal absorption of the cannabinoids provides the user all the health benefits without any psychoactive effects, essentially without the “high.” This makes topicals an excellent choice for younger medical patients and daytime use when you need to remain completely clear-headed. The only caveat is some transdermal patches do have the ability to affect the mind – be sure to check labels before applying.

Relief after a workout.

Topical cannabis products can ease sore muscles and encourage faster recovery after hard workouts. Skip the Advil and look for medicated balms and warming rubs instead. For full body treatment, try cannabis bath salts or lotions.

Heal your skin.

Cannabis skin creams and lotions can help a variety of skin issues from sunburn to winter dry spots, psoriasis and eczema. They can relieve itching and promote healing while leaving your skin soft. Plus, cannabis is chock full of antioxidants.

Enhance your sex life. Cannabis infused oils and lube increases blood flow and nerve sensation, and is said to amplify sexual pleasure and intensify orgasms. Even Vogue and Cosmo have picked up on this sex tip!

Ease aching joints.

Seniors and patients suffering from joint problems such as arthritis and tendonitis can gain relief from cannabis creams or sprays. In addition to pain relief, the topical provides anti-inflammatory benefits as well.

Treat foot pain.

Cannabis creams, oils and sprays can be applied to overworked, tired feet and treat both pain and inflammation. Enhanced nerve stimulation makes topical solutions a good choice for neuropathy patients as well.

Add it to your first aid kit.

Cannabis balms and creams can treat a variety of minor first aid emergencies. First, the localized pain relief will eliminate discomfort. Anti-inflammatory properties reduce swelling and help healing. Some creams may also have antibacterial advantages. Use creams and sprays to treat burns, scrapes, scratches and bug bites.

What to look after

When picking out topicals, consider the ‘entourage effect,’ that is the concept that the compounds in cannabis work best due to synergy. While CBD-only topicals can be shipped and purchased without a medical cannabis card, if you have access, you should opt for products that contain as much of the holistic plant system as possible. The cannabinoids need the terpenoids, the terpenoids need the proteins and so on.

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