6 Ways To Best Use Your Kief

If you’re lucky enough to own a grinder with a kief catcher, then you know just how magical that powdery substance is. However, do you know ALL of the things you can do with kief? Kief, the wondrous pollen that comes from shaking and grinding bud. The best way for the average stoner to collect kief is to own a grinder with a kief catcher and, well, to grind a lot of bud! Many stoners simply collect their kief endlessly for a rainy day, and accumulate massive amounts of the stuff. Don’t be afraid to live a little, use your kief to add some kick to your next smoke session!

What is Kief?

When a cannabis plant reaches maturity, trichomes holding a majority of the cannabinoids are formed on its leaves and buds. The accumulation of these trichomes (or resin glands) creates a fine, powdery substance referred to as kief (also written as keef or kif). Kief on its own is more potent than traditional flower, but less potent than most extracted concentrates like shatter, budder, wax, and oil. When collecting it, you should focus on its color and smell. The top-notch quality product comes in a very light colour with a pleasant aroma.

Need some inspiration of how to use your kief?  

Bowl Topping


Most people know about this one already, it’s the first thing you’d think to do with kief. It’s the perfect topping to a bowl of herb, it not only adds some serious potency to the bowl, but nothing is as the sight of that layer of uniform golden goodness on the top of the bowl.

Roll it in a joint

This is the same concept as adding it to a bowl. Sincm,e kief is so powdery, trying to smoke it by itself isn’t as efficient as interspersing it with flower. The bud will hold the kief, and the kief will give the smoke an extra kick.

Kief Pucks


If you have an excess amount of kief and want a good bowl topper, or your’re actually low on bud, a kief puck is always a good option. You can make a kief puck with a pollen press, or if you’re in need of a homemade tool you can wrap two pencils together. A kief puck is solely dependent on how much kief you use and how dense you attempt to make the puck. Since kief tends to light up easily you’ll more often than not only get a few hits off of each puck, but they’ll be fairly effective.

Add Some Power To Your Edibles


Need to add some ‘umph’ to your brownies? Did your cannaoil not come out quite as potent as you were hoping? Throw in a gram or two of kief into your next party batch of edibles and feel the difference it makes! Although kief will still change the taste of your edibles depending on how much you throw in, it’s at least not like throwing bud into your edibles to the effect that you will actually taste plant material. I recommend utilizing kief for things like cakes, brownies, or cookies so that you can mix the kief in as evenly as possible and reduce the likelihood of any advert-tastes.

Make Moonrocks


One of the necessary ingredients for moonrocks is kief, in addition to nugs and some concentrates, specifically shatter or oil. It’s fairly easy to make moonrocks, and totally worth it. You start by covering a nug’s entire surface area with a light layer of concentrate, then you coat the nug in kief, and finally you allow the moonrock to dry. When they’re dry you can grind them up and enjoy the super potent bud!



When you’re willing to make kief pucks, you should also consider going a step further to making hash. Hash really is just super-condensed kief that has been baked slightly after all. (The process is slightly more complicated, so be wary of trying to make it at home.) Hash is a great bowl topper or herb replacement that is definitely a cannabis force to be reckoned with. If you have a surplus of kief and time, the benefits for the effort necessary to make hash are certainly worth it.

[Updated, originally published 7.12.2016]

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