5 Ways To Lower Your Weed Tolerance Without Taking A Tolerance Break

After you’ve been using cannabis for a while, you start to develop a tolerance. Luckily there are ways that you can lower your tolerance if you don’t want to take a tolerance break. It happens to every stoner. At first it’s great, you can smoke more, it’s easier for you to handle your highs, and you can keep up with your friends. After that, your tolerance level gets to the point where no matter how much you smoke, you just can’t get high. So you smoke more, and you spend more money. Before you realize it, you’re going through a bag a day. Some say this is the point where you should stop for a while to lower your tolerance, aka a “tolerance break.” Tolerance breaks work, but they also suck. Luckily, there are ways to lower your tolerance without taking a break.


Exercising not only enhances your high directly after smoking cannabis, it can help lower your tolerance as well. The reason is because THC is fat soluble. When you are exercising you’re burning fat cells. This is why when people need to pass a drug test, they start exercising. Try to get in at least twenty minutes of vigorous physical activity, and see if that helps. If exercising doesn’t work you can always try to…

Smoke Less Weed Throughout The Day

If you’re the type to smoke twenty bowls a day, you should definitely cut back. The more you smoke throughout the day, the more you need to smoke in order to maintain that high. Try cutting down to five smoking sessions a day. Your tolerance will gradually get lower, and you’ll spend less money on cannabis.

Don’t Wake And Bake

I know, I know. We all love our daily wake and bake. It makes us feel ready to face the day and probably puts those of us who are not morning people in a much better mood. The sad fact about the wake and bake is that smoking early on in the day makes it so you have to smoke more throughout the day in order to maintain that first high. Try waiting until the afternoon or early evening to smoke. It really works. I wait until the evening after I get off work to smoke my first bowl. After that first bowl, I don’t need to smoke again for a couple hours and I spend my evening in a pleasant haze.

Smoke Smaller Amounts of Weed

If you don’t want to cut down on the number of times you smoke in a day, then you should at least consider smoking smaller amounts when you are smoking twenty times a day. If you normally like to smoke bong bowls, try switching to a pipe, or better yet use a chillem. If you’re taking three dabs per session, cut it down to one. Seems obvious, right?

Change The Times That You Smoke

There’s a bit of psychology involved in this one. If you’re used to smoking after say, having a meal, or you like to light up at 4:20 on the dot everyday, try switching up the times that you are smoking. When you are smoking at the same time everyday, or after a particular activity like eating, then your mind and body become conditioned to that stimulus and they start to anticipate it. As a result you have to smoke more and more to get to that same high that you’re anticipating. If you smoke at different times when your body and mind are not expecting it, then you’ll get a lot higher.

I’ve tried most of these and I’ve seen good results, so you should too. Really just cutting out the morning wake and bake was what worked best for me. If you’ve tried each of these and none of them are working for you, then it’s probably a good idea for you to take a tolerance break. It really won’t be thaaat bad.

[Updated, originally published 12.12. 2016]

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