5 Ways To Meet New Weed Buddys

Did you just move to a new city, or are you just in the mood to hang out with a new crowd? Try some of these tips for making new stoner friends! Stoners are pretty social people. We’re always looking for new people to share our smoke with and we love making friends with other stoners. Whether you’ve just moved to a new city, or are just looking to expand your social circle, there are great ways to meet new stoner friends.

Cannabis Dating Sites


Cannabis dating sites are starting to pop up everywhere now. A good one to check out is High There, which is being called the “Tinder for stoners.” Stoner dating sites are great because you know that you’ll be matched up with someone who shares your interests, and I don’t just mean smoking weed. You can also find someone who shares your taste in music, movies, really anything.

Ask To Borrow A Light


If trying to meet people online is not really your thing, then there are other ways to meet people who enjoy the herb. The next time you’re at a party, try asking a cool looking person to borrow a lighter. If they don’t smoke cigarettes, then it’s pretty certain that they are a fellow toker. Why else would they be carrying a lighter? Another trick that I’ve used to great success is asking people if they smoke. If they reply, “Smoke what?” then you’ve found another kindred spirit.

Go To 420 Friendly Events and Places


Attending 420 friendly events is an excellent way to meet fellow stoners. If they’re at this event, then you can be 99% sure that they are 420 friendly as well. If you live somewhere where cannabis is legal, then strike up a conversation with someone the next time you’re at a dispensary or headshop. Stoners are usually very friendly people, especially when they find another cannabis lover.

Wear Cannabis Friendly Clothing


If you want to make new stoner friends, but you’re a little shy, try wearing cannabis friendly clothing. Rock a t-shirt with the name of your favorite headshop, or something with a giant pot leaf on it. If you don’t want to be that up front about it, then wear a pro pot button on your bag, or hat. People who are cool will approach you and they will probably want to have a conversation. If you’re in need of some cool cannabis apparel, then here you can find it!

Meeting new people can be a bit nerve wracking, especially if you’re more of an introvert. Luckily, stoners are pretty open when it comes to making new friends. You just have to put yourself out there. Who knows, you may find the stoner soulmate or best friend you’ve been waiting for.

Cannabis Social Communities


Social cannabis community , such as the #Zensocial cannabis comunity  are a great way to talk to other stoners like you. You can find the answers to almost any question you could possibly have about cannabis and cannabis culture, share funny stories and pictures of cool pieces, and just chat with people from all over the world. So many stoners use cannabis social communities, chances are pretty high that you may meet someone from your locale.

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