5 Ways To React If The Cops Catch You With Your Cannabis

5 Ways To React If The Cops Catch You With Your Weed

If you have ever had a run-in with a cop for something weed related, you know it sucks. Most of the time it seems like the police officer involved with making a marijuana arrest is under the impression that he/she has just caught one of America’s most wanted. Let’s try to make light of these otherwise overdramatic encounters with our list of 5 ways to react if the cops catch you with weed.

Keep calm and Own to it

So the cops just caught you and your friends smoking in the park. Don’t deny it. Just say it’s yours and say it’s fun! You might even make the cops laugh.

Offer to share

The police are more than likely going to take your weed for “evidence”, but before they have a chance to snag it, you should offer to share with them. Only do this if you are sure that they will find it – don’t incriminate yourself unnecessarily.

Pretend you don’t speak the language

If a police officer is questioning you in English, pretend you speak Spanish. If the officer speaks Spanish, revert to Pig Latin. If all else fails, you could pretend to be possessed and spew gibberish. Beware: if you perform too well, you might be dealing with bigger problems than a little weed possession.

Laugh Uncontrollably After All You Are Stoned

When the officer approaches you break into laughter. People say laughter is contagious, so hopefully, the officer plays along. Laughing too much might get you sent to the psych ward, so tread lightly.

Run for it, like your life depended on it!

If all else fails you can always take off running. Probably not the best idea, but if you get away you will have an exciting story to tell the next time you smoke with your friends.

These suggestions are really just for kicks. Law enforcement officers will not take kindly to you if you do not obey their directions. Now more than ever cannabis smokers have a responsibility to present a positive public image.

The more we obey the law and cooperate with law enforcement, the less they will be able to throw cannabis under the bus.

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