5 Weird Places Cannabis Smugglers Hide Their Stash

Since Cannabis has been illegal smugglers have come up with creative ways to move weed across borders. Some have come up with more ingenious ways than others. Some have even lost their weed along the way. We take a look at the 5 bizarre and weirdest places marijuana smugglers have stashed their weed.

5 – Frozen Avocados

More than a ton of cannabis was found hidden in frozen avocado packs in Lyons, Illinois. The marijuana was flat packed and hidden pretty well inside the avocado bags but I am sure once defrosted the bricks of weed probably could show through. After staff at the facility started to question the weight of the packages the police was tipped off and once drug-sniffing dogs where brought to the building the cannabis was quickly discovered. With an estimated street value of over $10 million dollars these smugglers should have used a scale to make sure the packs weighed what they said on the label. Weed has been also found smuggled in other fruit like frozen berries and carrots but we found the Avo’s more of one of the weirdest places marijuana has been smuggled in.

4 – Toddlers Gift

A women found a few bags of marijuana in a toy while assembling it for her toddler. Perhaps the person responsible for the cannabis left the bags in the Walmart toy for his customer as a drop point. Perhaps he returned the item without remembering he had left his weed stashed in there. Either way this one is pretty strange place to stash your weed.

3 – Floating on to the beach

Recently hundreds of pounds of cannabis has washed up on the beaches of Florida. There has been a significant spike in drugs washing up on shore,” said U.S. Border Patrol Miami Sector Division Chief, Todd Bryant. “This is at least partially attributable to improved partnerships across the state but potentially also to a shift in smuggling methods.” Smuggling cannabis by boat has always been a popular method and looks as if it is still used prolifically today.

2 – Spare tyre stash spot

In Ohio a women bought a car on a second hand lot without thinking twice about the purchase. Months later she had a flat tyre and so it replaced with the spare. That is when the Mechanic discovered $12.000 worth of cannabis hidden in the spare that had been there for all along. Police did not charge the woman as she clearly did not know about the hidden marijuana stash.

1 – Ancient Mummy

The oldest ever and weirdest places marijuana stash of weed was discovered in a old grave in the Gobi desert.  The stash weighed in at over 2 pounds, is over 2700 years old and still looks kinda smokable! Lead author Ethan Russo told Discovery News that the marijuana “is quite similar” to what’s grown today. Just goes to show that even at the dawn of time there was most likely cannabis smugglers spreading the love of the green.

  • Where is the weirdest places you stashed away weed? Let us know in comments below!

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