6 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Can Smoke Pot Whenever You Want

In a world where weed remains illegal in several states, not everyone can light up whenever they feel like it. But fortunately for some, they can manage to find a way to get high no matter what time it is. From the moment they first wake up to the time they lay down to go to sleep, there are stoners that have no limits when it comes to how often they toke. If you’re one of the lucky ones that smoke weed whenever you want, then here are eight things you’ll understand.

You can get high and function well

In fact, there’s not much you can’t do while high. From breezing through a 12-hour shift to mastering an intense workout, you can do it all. You smoke pretty much all the time, so you’ve become quite skilled at doing multiple things while stoned.

Feeling sorry for those that can’t smoke as much weed as you

Every time you imagine the poor souls out there who have to set aside certain periods of the day to burn one, you can’t help but feel sorry for them. Weed is just a plant, after all. It’s a shame folks can’t enjoy it more freely.

You burn through pot like it’s going out of style

The only downfall to having the luxury of smoking pot whenever you want is that you use up a ton of ganja. While that’s great and all, it can get rather expensive. But hey, life could be worse. Just picture having to pencil in certain times to get high. That would suck.

Having more devices than you know what do with

Being someone that smokes weed whenever they feel like it, you probably have quite the collection of smokeable instruments. From dab rigs to pipes, you need lots of variety for all those smoke sessions you have each day.

Your buddies prefer to come to your crib to toke with you

Not all of your homies can blaze as often as you can. That’s why your crib is their go-to place for endless smoke sessions. And you don’t mind a bit. Having the company from time to time is nice. You have more than enough time to smoke alone.

The limit on weed smoking does not exist

Since you are free to light up as you please, there’s no such thing as limiting yourself when it comes to how much you smoke and how often. Life already comes with enough rules and regulations as it is.

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