6 Ways Pot Can Make You Smarter

If used responsibly cannabis can enhance your mindset in all sorts of ways.

They used to say the effects of marijuana involved losing precious IQ points. Thankfully science has proven that cannabis does not make us stupid. The truth is that cannabis does have the potential to make a person smarter. Especially when you’re ingesting high quality cannabis. With bad quality herb, you might actually lose your edge.

By smarter I mean a GREATER AWARENESS of both the self and the world around you – opening the doors of perception in more ways than you might imagine. Some companies are even starting to allow employees to consume cannabis at work because they recognize it helps with innovation and creativity.


So let’s unpack each of these 6 aspects to get a better idea of just how marijuana can open a person up to the world in new ways.


History: those who forget are doomed to repeat.

Once you get an idea of the science and health benefits surrounding cannabis, how could you not question this long history of cannabis prohibition? And once we start to understand the mountain of lies and misinformation over the past eight decades, we start to question that history.

Even more astounding is to understand that people have been using cannabis as medicine for thousands of years. Prohibition is just a small, weird blip on the radar of time. As cannabis philosopher and writer Sebastian Marincolo says: “The legalization of marijuana is not a dangerous experiment – the prohibition is the experiment, and it has failed dramatically, with millions of victims all around the world.”


How would you define a state of mindfulness? Mindfulness is a state of calm, non-judgmental awareness of one’s current thoughts, sensations, feelings and environment.

It’s a special, deliberate place to be and can have extraordinary benefits for our health and life in general.

I mention mindfulness first because it encompasses a lot of the sections to follow – if not all of them. In fact, mindfulness impacts just about every aspect of life. It increases our ability to learn new things, practice greater empathy towards others, and to get the most out of each moment.

When we use cannabis responsibly and with intent, it can open the mind in all sort of ways. It can inspire curiosity while allowing us to lower our defenses and better connect with the people and the world around us.

What’s even better is that the personal insights or epiphanies you gain while under the influence of cannabis can sometimes become life-altering revelations that remain with you long after the high has worn off.

The trick is to look at cannabis as a wellness product. Yes, it does have disadvantages, it can be abused, but so it goes with most everything else on this planet – which is where mindfulness comes into play.


Cannabis inspires people young and old to get involved in the legal process. This strong desire to participate in cannabis reform has many people entering the legislative process for the first time.

Cannabis advocates are learning how laws get made or changed and they’re going out and organizing entire campaigns and dialogues to make something happen. That is fantastic to see this type of civic involvement. And even though people or groups can have differing values about cannabis reform, the important thing is that we unite our efforts by remembering why we fight for this plant in the first place.



More people are turning to cannabis as part of their health and wellness regimen because it helps them achieve optimal performance from their minds and bodies.

People have used cannabis to lose weight (if you keep the munchies in check!), to recover from addictions to harder drugs and alcohol, to recover from eating disorders. Cannabis has also sharpened people’s approach to emotional health by enhancing communication between loved ones or colleagues by facilitating reflection and ideation.

Does pot help everybody become better communicators or to lose weight? No way. You have to want to be a good communicator first. You have to want to lose weight. You have to exercise intent. For those who do exercise this kind of intent with cannabis, cannabis has the ability to help you make better, healthier decisions in your life.


The science behind how cannabis works is quite amazing. The more you learn about cannabis and health, the more you get into the science of how it all works.

With everything we’ve been learning about the endocannabinoid system, we are finally understanding exactly HOW and WHY cannabis has so many medical advantages. You could read an article about why cannabis causes dry mouth and all of a sudden you’re learning about the different saliva glands in the mouth.

Or dip into an article on cannabis and bone health and you’re learning how bone cells work. The point is cannabis has made science cool for a lot of people.





What better way to learn how plants grow? And of course once we free the flower, we have the option to grow our own medicine, which does come with quite a learning curve. But it’s a learning curve worth traversing because let’s face it: gardening in general is a handy skill. Who wouldn’t want to be able to grow their own food and herbs?

Even if you’d rather have somebody else do the growing, you’ll at least want to learn HOW your cannabis is grown to ensure you’re consuming a safe, quality product. If you want to learn about how cannabis can improve your life, why not hear it from the experts? Experts who have been working on the frontlines in cannabis and health, improving the quality of life for all sorts of people.

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