Ways To Greatly Improve The Quality Of Your Weed Buds

The fact that your plants grow fantastically doesn’t mean they’ll produce the most desired results. While most people focus on the growth rate of the plants and their size, they fail to give enough attention to the buds, which are actually the most important part.

1. Start with quality, top shelf seeds

Top shelf buds start with top shelf seeds. If you’re not using top grade seeds to begin with, it doesn’t matter how much love and attention you spend on your plants and set up. It has never been easier to access top grade seeds. There are so many excellent seed banks now that will ship to your door world white.

For everything you need to know about growing seeds, check out our seed series:

2. Nutrients and supplements

Over watering and providing too many nutrients are the two most commonly made mistakes by beginer weed growers.

It’s easy to dry out your soil, but it’s a little trickier to get your nutrient balance just right. Or perhaps you’re growing with a hydroponics system. Luckily, we have a whole series dedicated to making sure you have the perfect growing material.

3. Lots of light

So you’ve made your soil top-notch and planted your excellent seeds. But none of that will matter if your lights are underpowered. Strong light is crutial for the highest bud density, potency, and yields.

Recent advances in LED technology have caught the attention of leading cannabis cultivators. Check out this article on how LED lights can help grow better weed.

4.Temperature and humidity

Cannabis like a nice warm environment that has a bit of humidity, but not too much.

  • For seedlings – a preferred temperature of 65-75°F with a humidity of 60% for the first two weeks.
  • For adult plants under lighting – a preferred temperature of no more than 80% and decreasing humidity by 5% for the first four weeks.
  • For adult plants without lighting – a preferred temperature of 62-72°F with about 55% humidity.

It’s important to remember that your plants are at risk of mold if your temperature drops too low. Keep these pointers in mind:

Ensure there’s never more than a 10ºC difference in day and night temperatures. If you are still at higher humidities, avoid really hot temperatures. Follows your humidity schedule if you need to increase your temperature

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5. Air flow is essential

6. Pruning and topping


The more energy your plant has to spend trying to rid itself of a dying leaf, the less energy it’s going to put toward growing amazing, high-THC buds. So it’s essential that you regularly prune and maintain your plant, clearing off any dead or damaged leaves throughout the growing process.


Topping is a type of pruning. You simply prune back the top cola. When you cut away the top flower, you then have two main colas that develop rather than one. You do this during the vegetative cycle when your plant is still quite young. This makes it easier to train. As a precaution, you should never top a plant more than twice.

Provide Sufficient Container Space

Using big containers might seem like it helps, but it’s actually better to use medium-sized ones. This is mainly because in a large container, it takes the plant more time and effort to reach the nutrients and settle in the soil. Oftentimes, the plant has matured fully but there is a lot of unused soil left in the container. This is not very efficient and the resources can be utilized in a better way.

Of course, the opposite holds true if the container is too small. There won’t be enough space and soil for the roots to fully develop and the plant’s yields will suffer.

Harvest at the Right Time

Harvesting as soon as you sense the smell and see the buds fattening up is always very tempting, especially considering all the preparation and efforts that go into the growing process. But in order to get the optimum yield, one must be patient and choose the right moment. Of course, waiting too long is also not preferable, as it affects potency.


Cannabis cultivation involves trial and error, but the effort will prove worth the investment. Growers want to produce the best bud possible, so mastering these aspects of cultivation is essential. The more you put to practice what you’ve taken away from this list, the better your yields will be.

[Updated, originally published 26.2.2017]

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