7 best bongs to buy for under $49

There are practically more bongs out there than tubes of toothpaste. You have your perc bongs, your straight stem bongs, and your beaker base bongs, too. And that’s not even the whole shebang. So how do you begin to narrow your choices down?

Black Leaf Glass Beaker Base Ice Bong with Precooler

If you’re shopping for a bong that’s fit to rip and enhances the quality of your smoke, look no further than this percolator ice bong by Black Leaf. The device comes equipped with a pre-cooler with an integrated bowl, which acts as a filter to keep ash and other nasty substances at bay. In return, you get to spend more time pulling and less time cleaning.

Zenpype’s portable bong pipe grinder gadget

Zenpype is made out of aviation grade aluminium, precision CNC-ed to match our quality criteria, designed for maximal flow and usage enjoyment. Its polished aluminium finish is easy to clean.

Why makes zenpype’s gadget better?

  • Zenpype can turn almost any PVC or glass bottle in to a bong.
  • Optimal flow – for optimal bong performance.
  • Contains an integrated grinder.
  • can be used as a bowl pipe
  • Discreet.
  • Handcrafted wooden box.
  • Precision cnc made.

And the best think its under 40$

The Gravitron

A gravity bong is a stoner staple. But unlike that junky concoction you smoked out of as a teenager, the Gravitron by Grav Labs consists of durable, high-quality scientific glass. Not to mention, it holds the smoke in its inner chamber so that you never waste any of your precious herbs.

The Straight Cylinder Bong

Taller bongs deliver fuller, stronger hits. Also, they’re super low-maintenance as far as cleaning goes. Whether you want something large and in charge for daily sessions or a device that’s just a functional classic, the straight cylinder bong by Art Glass is a good match.

Roll uh Bowl

Again, every weed smoker needs an unbreakable silicone bong. The Roll uh Bowl, in particular, is fantastic for active consumers as it can fold up with ease and be tucked away in your backpack, purse, etc. And it packs one hell of a mean punch for its size.

The Mini Honeycomb Bong

Regardless of whether you’re searching for a bong that doesn’t take up a lot of space or you just want a little something to brighten up your room, this mini honeycomb bong from Badass Glass will fulfill your needs.

The Blueberry Ink Pot

With the Blueberry Ink Pot, flower isn’t the only form of pot you get to enjoy. The device includes a dry bowl and an oil dome set for multiple types of smoking. Not to mention, it features a one-of-a-kind design that you won’t see at most headshops.

  • Popular and Award Winning Genetics

    Zenpype cannabis seeds bank

  • Grown from certified seeds.

    Zenpype CBD products

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