7 Cannabis Strains to Help You Sleep Better

Over 90% of medical marijuana users report using cannabis as a pain reliever. While cannabis does possess some profound pain relieving benefits, it goes far beyond that!

Cannabis can help with a wide range of issues including, anxiety, depression, inflammation, stress, and tension. It is also often used to help improve appetite and sleep quality, making it a great way to naturally treat insomnia for individuals with trouble sleeping.

Hash Plant

A pure indica strain with some pretty prestigious lineage, Hash Plant is born from Northern Lights and Afghani strains. Known for its thick coating of resin, the Hash Plant delivers a powerful punch for medical marijuana users. Expect a full body high and blissful euphoric feeling immediately after puffing on this strain.

White Rhino

White Rhino is a descendant of the White Widow strain, offering a strong, heady high with sativa-like qualities even though it’s indica dominant. Touted for its stress relieving qualities, White Rhino is a great strain for night time tokes in order to clear your head and prepare for a peaceful nights rest.

Master Kush

Unlike some of the other strains on the list, Master Kush won’t put you into a coma. Users actually report feeling a sense of sharpened sensory awareness, combined with the powerful full-body high associated with pure indica strains.

If you are looking for a strain that can help you sleep without giving you that ‘super high’ feeling, Master Kush could be what you are looking for.

Presidential OG

Presidential OG will put you to bed immediately. Almost entirely indica, this strain sedates users quite quickly. Presidential OG has vibrant green buds with a piney aroma and earthy taste.

Looking for a strain exclusively to help you sleep / battle your insomnia? Presidential OG is the strain for you, a few puffs before bed will help ensure you fall asleep quickly.

Critical Kush

A heavy indica strain born from Critical Mass and OG Kush strains. Critical Kush hits hard with a hefty THC content coupled with moderate CBD levels. This tasty strain leaves users feeling sleepy while reducing pain and stress.

Super Skunk

For those extra stressful days where you just can’t seem to get to sleep, Super Skunk is there. This pure indica is a descendant of the Afghani strain, offering a pungent, sweet taste with powerful sedative qualities. Ease your aches and pains and get a good night’s rest by enjoying some Super Skunk.

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A fitting name for this list, yet the Cannatonic strain is very different from anything else on here. It boasts an extremely high CBD level, meeting and even surpassing the THC level, making it a great medical strain for relieving pain.

With very minimal psychoactive effects, Cannatonic isn’t much of a recreational strain. A perfect option for individuals who want to benefit from the pain relieving qualities and sleep inducing effects without feeling too much of a cerebral buzz.

  • Do you know of any other cannabis strain that can help with insomnia? Leave a comment below.

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