7 Most Surprisingly Awesome Liquids To Fill Your Bong With

Stoners, the creative people that we are, have come up with plenty of awesome bong liquids to make for a unique smoking experience. And with the spread of legalization across the U.S., we now have more options than ever before. What a time to be alive!

You should realize from the outset that bong liquids have no effect on the high. Flavor and smoothness are the reasons people use them over water.

Cranberry juice.

Cranberry juice has been one of the most popular bong liquids for a while. Fresh and ice cold is a great way to use it. As an added bonus, the acidity of the juice reputedly keeps your bong cleaner for longer.

Orange or lemon peels.

Orange or lemon peels, added to the water in your bong, not only add a pleasant citrus taste to the smoke—their acidity also helps keep your bong clean. If you’re a fan of citrus fruits, you don’t want to miss this sensation.


Kool-Aid seems to end up in lots of adventurous stoners’ bongs, and while it offers many flavor options, all that sugar can ruin your piece if you leave it in too long. If you must indulge, please clean your bong thoroughly immediately after. Don’t let this sticky gunk stay in there long, or you’ll need a new bong.


At first blush, mouthwash sounds like a weird thing to put in your bong. But in practice, the blue variety lends the smoke an enjoyable menthol taste with a smooth draw and minimal coughing. And just think of it: you’ll have the freshest bong-breath ever! Worth a try.


Wine is a better choice than liquor as its lower alcohol content means it steals less of the THC from your hit. Choose wines with as low of an alcohol content as possible. In other words, you don’t wanna go with M/D 20/20. Weed smoke pulled through wine creates a very interesting flavor combo, making it worth the experimentation.

Hot tea.

Hot tea—especially flavored teas with the essence of lemon, orange, or peach—is an interesting flavor experience. A big plus to this method is the fact that hot water, rather than the traditional room temperature or ice water, makes for much smoother hits. Avoid sugary teas; they can make your bong sticky.


Whether it be tequila, vodka, whiskey, or rum, liquor often finds itself inside a bong. But due to its high alcohol content, it’s not the most ideal of bong liquids. (THC is alcohol soluble so you’re going to lose some of it to the liquor unless you drink the bong-liquor afterward.) Non-clear liquors can certainly offer a robust and flavorful hit though.

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