7 Reasons Why Girls Who Smoke Pot Make Perfect Girlfriends

What’s better than knowing a girl that smokes weed? Dating one, that’s what. Not only do ganja-friendly ladies make the best lovers, but they also are easy to please. Finding a fun and easy-going woman isn’t always easy. But when you find yourself a lady that loves the weed as much as you do, the benefits are endless. From sharing countless laughs to having incredible orgasms, here are seven reasons why girls who smoke weed make perfect girlfriends.

Her sense of humor is excellent

Girls that smoke the herb are hilarious. Therefore, you will likely stay laughing your a** off. Of course, relationships aren’t always fun and games. But when the two of you chill out and share a few hits of some fabulous weed, you’ll remember why the two of you are together in the first place.

Fewer petty arguments

For the most part, fights break out over the smallest things. But when you’re dating a girl that smokes weed, she knows what matters in life, and what doesn’t. Indeed, it’s rare to see a cannabis user angry. Because the weed helps put things into perspective, ganja smokers know that there’s no point in arguing over stupid stuff.

Lady smokers are independent

If a woman chooses to smoke weed, then she’s going to do so no matter what society thinks. Why? Because she has a mind of her own and can think for herself, that’s why.

The relationship will never be boring

Of course, everything is better when you’re high. And when you have a woman to blaze with, that opens the door to endless amounts of fun. You can share delicious snacks, get lost in a good movie, and so much more. Not to mention, the sex is always on point.

It doesn’t take much to make her happy

As long as she’s not dankrupt, or hungry, then chances are your woman will always be happy, if she smokes weed. However, stealing her food or her bud may cause some problems.

She has great taste in music

Potheads, in general, know great music when they hear it. Therefore, your woman may surprise you with some excellent tracks that the two of you can listen to while you blaze.

She’ll share with you

All in all, cannabis promotes sharing, especially in group sessions. In fact, you may find yourself waking up to a pre-rolled blunt prepared by your lady. In that case, you better put a ring on it because that’s love.

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