7 Things Only People Who Smoke Weed Will Totaly Understand

There are things that weed enthusiasts say and do that are unrelatable unless you smoke. From trying to hide your high from your parents to seeing someone with food, you just cannot understand these moments unless you consume cannabis. However, you can at least imagine them. Or, if you already smoke weed, then can laugh as you remember the time that each experience happened to you. Here are 7 things that only people who smoke weed will understand.

The joy of purchasing a ton of pot

Indeed, a feeling that only cannabis enthusiasts know. No one likes being dankrupt, so it’s always a fantastic moment when you get more.

Trying to hide your high from your parents

If you live with your parents, then this may happen rather frequently. But for the most part, they always find out. Hopefully, they secretly enjoy the herb just as much as you do.

Carrying on a conversation when you’re too high

The conversations are rather strange, depending on how much you smoke. However, the topics are never dull. In fact, they can be intriguing, to say the least.

When the weed hits you too hard

Before you know it, you’re high as hell. So high that you’re stuck, wondering what to do next.

The level of excitement when the pizza man arrives

Mmm..pizza. Everyone loves pizza. And as soon as the pizza man comes, you lose it every single time.

The level of pain that comes with losing your stash

It’s one thing to be dankrupt. But it’s another to have weed and lose it, especially if you just bought some.

When you’re loading up your bong and here comes mom and dad

What do you do? Hide the bong? Run around in circles? Or, a little of both? More than likely, you won’t have time to do much of anything at all.

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