7 Things That Smell Like Cannabis

Have you ever been out in public and swore that you smell weed??? Did you realize that it could be something else, other than your beloved cannabis? Weed has that unique and potent smell that is ever so pleasant and far different than any scent out there. While nothing quite beats taking a whiff of some good weed, there are some things out there that have a similar scent. Here are 7 other things that smell just like weed.


That’s right, beer can sometimes smell just like weed. It’s a fact that hops and cannabis have similar properties of taste and smell.

Moss phlox

A couple actually got accused of growing cannabis in their home because of this plant. Moss phlox gives off a strong cannabis-like scent, so strong that people will stop by and ask for some.

Cleome – spider flower

Cleome is a flower that actually looks like marijuana, particularly the leaves. It smells just like cannabis with a splash of mint.


Unfortunately, some say marijuana smells like a skunk. While cannabis can have a skunk-like scent, it’s definitely no where close to the horrific and disgusting stench you get from a stinky skunk.

Skunk cabbage

There’s no hiding the smell from this particular plant. Skunk Cabbage smells just like skunk once it starts to bloom. People often associate the strong smell with the scent of cannabis.

Body odor

Oddly enough, people have actually claimed that their body odor smells just like marijuana. One possibility is that the smell is a result of consuming other plants. No studies currently suggest that if you smoke weed, you can smell it in your sweat. Some individuals swear by it, though.

  • Do you know of any things that smell like weed?
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