Cannabis Strains Named After Celebrities You Need To Check

There are many cannabis strains named after people; whether it’s due to their effects, characteristics or a simple tribute to the person in question, people love naming strains after famous people.

Celebrities endorse everything from cereal to lip balm to cat food, there’s nothing they won’t put their face on to earn an extra dollar. It should come as no surprise that some celebrities even lend their names to cannabis strains, essentially becoming immortalized through a plant. Some of these A-list cannabis connoisseurs even helped to cultivate these strains, ensuring only the finest product carries their name. So check out this weed strains that have celebrities names..

Snoop Dogg Weed Strain

When you’ve cultivated an entire line of cannabis strains, you’re bound to name at least one after yourself. The Dogg Father, being the King of Cannabis, has two strains named after himself, a hybrid called Snoop’s Dream and a strong indica called Snoop Dogg OG.

Charlie Sheen Weed Strain

Everyone’s favorite bad boy is definitely winning with this strain, named only Charlie Sheen. The strain is a crossbreed between Green Crack, Blue Dream and OG Kush. While the strain is a hybrid, the effects are said to be calming and relaxing, meaning it’s an indica-dominant hybrid. Perhaps smoking some of this could help the real Charlie Sheen mellow out a bit.

Blue Ivy Carter

Though it’ll be years before she’s old enough to consume cannabis herself, the four-year-old daughter of Beyoncé and Jay-Z inspired the eponymous Blue Ivy hybrid. This hybrid’s effects are clearly indica-dominant and of impressive potency, with favorable blueberry undertones. Also known as OG Blue Ivy, it is said to be a cross between the omnipresent Blue Dream and none other than heavy hitter OG Kush.

Michael Phelps Weed Strain

When you’ve publicly condoned cannabis use, but continue to add to your 18 Olympic gold medals, there’s nothing you can’t do. Michael Phelps is one of the world’s best athletes, and he also happens to love cannabis. His hybrid strain is affectionately named Michael Phelps OG. Remember, smoking and swimming could be dangerous, or it could lead to gold medals. Take your chances.

Tommy Chong Weed Strain

Of course, the original cannabis crusader has a strain named after himself! Chong Star is a hybrid strain, only manufactured by Marisol Therapeutics in Pueblo, Colorado. While the buds might be rare, the high is said to leave smokers feeling completely elevated, with an out-of-this-world high. The strain is said to be balanced so well that it’s neither sativa nor indica dominant, but rather a perfectly married coupling of the two.

Margaret Cho

Edgy, outspoken and hilarious, actress and comedian Margaret Cho is also a cannabis entrepreneur and activist, meriting a strain called Margaret Cho-G. Margaret Cho-G is a super rare indica dominant hybrid strain that is said to be a special cut of OG Kush from the Bay Area in California. Sweet lemon, woody pine, and sour diesel flavors lead you into Margaret Cho-G’s powerfully tranquilizing effects that any OG Kush enthusiast will appreciate.

Stevie Wonder Weed Strain

This iconic music legend created tunes that uplifted listeners and brought smiles to their faces. The sativa-dominant hybrid named Stevie Wonder leaves smokers feeling the same way. A mixture of Blueberry, Bubba Kush, Sensi Star and Trainwreck combine perfectly to create large, crystal-covered buds that deliver a powerful high.

Tiger Woods Weed Strain

He might not be playing too much golf anymore, but once upon a time, Tiger was the best in the game, never leaving fans disappointed. His rare namesake hybrid strain, Tiger Woods, doesn’t disappoint either. With a low THC content, between 10-15%, this strain is perfect for beginner smokers and those who want a minimal high.

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Markle’s Sparkle

Markle Sparkle is a cannabis strain dedicated to the British Royal Meghan Markle. The strain is a brilliant cross of Blue City Diesel, Blueberry Northern Lights and a third secret strain.

Over the last few years many seed banks have named strains after famous people; someone even came up with the Justin Bieber, and he actually complained about it as he did not give anyone permission to use his name. There’s also the Chuck Norris, described as an actual kick to the chest by the man himself. The Tom Cruise, a weed that’s supposedly able to make you end up doubled over in laughter for hours. The Dirty Harry, with its strong odors, and the name Bin Laden has also made its way into the world of weed. It’s used as slang for strains that can knock out even the most experienced smokers.

[Updated, originally published 6.2.2017]

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