8 Ways To Destroy A Weed Smoke Sesh

There are ways to be prepared when smoking weed, and then there are ways to destroy a smoke sesh. Which path will you take? We put together a list of some of the worst things you can do when smoking in a group. Avoid doing them if you want to be invited back for the next sesh.

8. Bogart The Weed

If you are smoking with a group of friends, be sure to pass the smoke. There is nothing worse than someone who smokes til there is nothing left. 2 hits then it goes to the left. No questions. This rule is as old as weed itself.

7. Being Anxious Or Paranoid AF

Most people smoking weed in a group are likely seeking or expecting good vibes. Being anxious, paranoid, and making everything about you is just a few ways to destroy a smoke sesh. Make sure that random passerby is a police officer before you yell to your group, “It’s the cops!” That’s a quick way to freak everyone out and ruin the vibe.

6. Inviting Moochers

One of the most annoying ways to destroy a smoke sesh is by pulling up with extra heads and no weed. Don’t bring a posse unless you brought enough pot to smoke them all up. Otherwise, the people that threw down have to split their weed up with more people to get less high. We guarantee they won’t be stoked about it.

5. Dropping The Ground-Up Weed

A lap is no place for a grinder full of weed. If you and your friends contributed weed to fill the grinder, nobody will be happy if it falls on the carpet. So keep it somewhere safe like a rolling tray where it won’t easily fall over.

4. Pretending To Know How To Roll

There’s nothing worse than someone who insists on rolling a joint only to fail miserably. Don’t have everyone waiting 30 minutes for you to roll a floppy mess of a blunt. Leave that job for someone with more expertise unless there is nobody else who can do it. In that case, do your best, and no one can complain since they can’t roll either.

3. Drooling

Try not to salivate on a shared joint or somebody else’s bong. If you do, at least own up to it so you or the next person can clean it off before taking the next hit. Nobody wants a slobbery surprise.

2. Torching The Bowl

Learn to corner a bowl if you plan on seshing with friends. There is a right and a wrong way to smoke a bowl of weed. One of the most inconsiderate things you can do is torch an entire bowl that was meant to be shared. That’s especially true if you have no weed to refill the bowl with. So try to only let the flame light a small corner of the bowl while inhaling. That way everyone gets to taste some fresh greens. Otherwise, you’re handing your homie a cashed bowl of ash to smoke, which isn’t cool.

1. Blow Into The Bong

Some people make the mistake of coughing or exhaling while their lips are wrapped around the mouthpiece of a bong. As a result, all the weed will come surfing out of the bowl on a wave of dirty bong water. Then you’ll be left with a mess and no weed. Blowing into a bong is one of the quickest ways to destroy a smoke sesh.

Avoid the things on this list of ways to destroy a smoke sesh. Just keep in mind that if you make the mistakes on this list, no one will want to smoke with you.

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