9 Tricks For Great Wake and Bake

Wake n bake is an awesome way to start the day  A proper wake and bake can prevent you from feeling like the rest of the day will go downhill after that first delicious sweet smoke of the day.

Pick the right strain. Not all strains will help you be productive and get the most out of your day, so choose well because it will make a big difference. Usually the point of a wake and bake is to get that sweet little buzz before we have to get ready for our work day. Of course most of us would prefer to sleep, but smoking a strain that will give you a super heavy body or head high will just put you in a coma. Try strains like Blue Dream, Jillybean, Sour Diesel, or even Cotton Candy Kush. All of these strains provide that hazy euphoria you’re looking for, while also giving you the boost you need to get motivated.

Do your first toke before you hit the shower. Showering while high is one of the most amazing feelings in the world (if you haven’t tried it yet, you are sorely missing out!!). This will also make sure that you are washing away any lingering cannabis smells before you report to the office.

Make sure that you eat a healthy breakfast after you toke. Starting your day on an empty stomach while stoned isn’t going to make you productive at all. Eating right will help you have the energy that you need to tick everything off your to-do list, then as soon as the clock hits noon you can light another joint before lunch to help get you through the afternoon slump.

Don’t leave home without brushing your teeth.  You don’t want to talk to your coworkers while smelling like pot breath. Go to work confident with minty clean breath!

Keep an eye out on the clock; it’s far too easy to lose track of time when you’re enjoying your wake and bake session. It might be helpful for you to set another alarm so that you have enough time to pack up your greens and do everything mentioned in the previous steps. This is part of being a responsible stoner so you’ll know where to go. Coming in late for work will only make you look like the lazy stoner stereotype, and this is something that we’re trying to fight!

During your wake and bake session, smoke in your pajamas or loungewear. Don’t smoke while wearing the clothes you’ll be using throughout the rest of the day because the pot will likely stick to the fibers of your clothing and this could give you problems later in the day.

Don’t be a rookie and go to work with red eyes, another common side effect of lighting up. Some people are lucky enough and never actually experience this, but if you are or you aren’t sure, take a good look in the mirror before you leave. Put some eye drops if you ned to in order to soothe those tired eyes.

A common side effect of smoking pot is a dry mouth, so make sure that you hydrate properly throughout your wake and bake session. Keep a glass of juice or water handy to avoid this problem.

Always double check before you walk out the door that you have everything that you need. Whether you’re high or not we always seem to forget something. My favorite way to check that I have everything I need is check my pockets for my: phone, keys, and gum.

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