95-Year-Old Woman Says Smoking Cannabis Is Key To Long And Happy Life


The legalization of weed, popularly called “wee” in Ghana has been an age-long debate. Although its health benefits have been well documented from time immemorial, weed still remains an illicit drug in several countries.

In Ghana, the likes of Samini, Black Rasta, Yaa Pono and other notable stars have called for its legalization, often citing its numerous benefits to substantiate their clarion call.

The myth associated with ‘wee’ which was hammered into our skulls when we were growing up seems to have lost it grounds in recent times and that’s why more people want it to be in the mainstream.

That’s exactly what this granny also thinks and according to her, smoking weed is the only key in living a long and happy life. Her name is Melita Gordon and she’s from Jamaica.

The 95-year-old-woman, and despite protestations from her family, she’s been smoking weed for 85 years of her life, from age 10 to the present day.

Standing 4 feet, 8 inches tall, she doesn’t look like much. But at age 95, Jamaica‘s Melita Gordon can probably smoke most folks under the table. Melita Gordon is a 95-year-old-woman, and despite protestations from her family, she’s been smoking weed for 85 years of her life, from age 10 to the present day.

And she won’t stop smoking ganja until she’s dead because stopping could kill her. “When mi goes a doctor he say him ah tell mi fi to stop smoke marijuana, because if mi stop, him a go lose mi,” Gordon told Green Rush Daily.

Gordon’s lifelong habit is happily endorsed by her primary care doctor, whose view is that Gordon’s journey to 100 years might be cut short if she lays down her pipe.

Gordon, along with her doctor, speculate that her commitment to cannabis may be partly responsible for her longevity.

Melita says she got started on cannabis growing up in a Rastafari home, lighting the pipes for her elders. She says she became hooked on the habit of smoking marijuana when she was “baptized” in the practice by her parents, Michelle Jones and Richard Gordon, both of whom smoked pot.

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Not everyone in Melita’s family today is happy with her smoking habits, however.

Gordon’s daughter, whom she lives with, has begged her mother to quit. She has even proposed a compromise by asking her mom to reduce her smoking to once a day.

But Melita is used to smoking all day, every day.

And she’s been sticking up for her love of cannabis for as long as she can remember.

Even while she worked at the now closed Maroon Town banana boxing plant, she became known as the “Pipe Lady” who pulled no punches in defense of her habit.

As in all things in life, balance is essential. And Melita Gordon finds her pot habits offset by her late husband of 50 years. He doesn’t condemn her smoking weed but doesn’t partake in the herb himself.

And he made it to 100, so things are looking good for Melita Gordon.

“he never smoke at all, the only thing him do was drink beer, but he never try force mi fi stop,” she told 18 Karat Reggae of the man who died eight years ago after making it to age 100 years, six months and 12 days.

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