A Man Busted For Carrying More Than 1.5 Pounds Of Cannabis On Megabus

A man traveling from Atlanta to Memphis was busted with carrying more than 1.5 pounds of marijuana. On February 19, detectives boarded the Mega Bus. Tevin Lewis was on board.

Another day, another botched attempt to smuggle weed in the U.S. In this latest case, a Georgia man admits to using Megabus to traffic weed across state lines. The weirdest part is that he tried to downplay the whole thing.

On Monday, Tevin Lewis boarded a Megabus in Atlanta, Georgia headed for Memphis, Tennessee. By his side, was 1.5 pounds of marijuana stashed throughout the contents of his luggage.

Police later boarded that same Megabus, where they then approached Lewis. Detectives then asked Lewis if they could search his carry-on luggage, to which he quickly obliged. According to one of the officers, Lewis began shaking nervously as the cops rummaged through his bag. The detectives promptly found three vacuum-sealed bags, covered in aluminum foil, wrapped underneath of Lewis’ clothing. When the officers asked Lewis what was in the bags, he downplayed the severity of the situation.

“That ain’t nothing but a pound or a pound a half,” Lewis told police.

The police then removed Lewis from the bus and transferred him to an organized crime unit where he refused to divulge any information.

“[I] ain’t no snitch,” Lewis proclaimed. “Y’all just lock me up and get me a bond.”

Tevin Lewis’ failed marijuana trafficking attempt is just one of many foiled plots over the years. Furthermore, when it comes to bungled attempts at smuggling weed, Lewis’ attempt is, actually quite pedestrian, as we’ve seen increasingly creative methods of trafficking over the years.


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