Affiliate with zenpype

Post cool stuff of zenpype and  make the traffic, we will do the hard stuff..

Its easy:

  • -create or login to your account here:  affiliate
  • – it will generate you an uniqe Affiliates key
  • -post/share your generated unike key, with URL-s, with cool stuff of zenpype as much as you like
  • -our system  tracks if that uniqe URL sold a zenpype portable bong
  • -we pay you 10% commision based on per sold item
  • -if you have any questions fell free to contact us anytime on [email protected]
  • you can check more, and how it works here


“If a user comes to our web page with your Unique ID, our system will track him for 30 days, regardles if next time he uses your link or comes directly on our web page.”

“The more zenpype portable bong stuff you post, more traffic and more sales you will make.”

“You have a web shop, simply list zenpype portable bong as external product and earn your commision.”

“You have a succesful blog or a forum, simply add zenpypes portable bong baner on your page.”


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