Ambrosia Cannabis Strain

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THC 16%
CBD 0.1%

With a sweet lavender aroma and a laidback high, it’s difficult not to love Ambrosia. Great for a solo sesh, this flower is a thoughtful daytime bud. Curious about cannabis aromatherapy? The Ambrosia marijuana strain smells as relaxing as it hits. A thoughtful hybrid, this plant is known to enhance focus and allows for mellow introspection. Safe to use almost any time of day, this high THC flower is recommended for those with intermediate cannabis experience.

Named after “the food of the Gods”, this marijuana strain features a scrumptious floral aroma and a balanced hybrid high. Creative and focused, this plant is safe to consume during the day. Those hoping to boost their productivity with a little THC are in luck. This strain offers a clear-headed mental experience that allows for calm concentration. Fairly fast-acting, this flower affects the mind first. Between its lavender scent and uplifting mental high, this plant soothes away stress and tension in no time. Apart from a delicious taste and aroma, this plant has inherited bulbous and dense buds with a sparkling lavender coloration. This thick trichome blanket boasts a moderate 16 percent THC. As such, this flower is perfect for intermediate cannabis consumers hoping for a nice, mellow high.

In high doses, however, some may find that this strain can cause some anxiety and paranoia. Yet, as with any other strain, starting low and going slow is a great way to experience this tasty flower. Tired of migraines and tension headaches? This cannabis strain is a popular selection among those with headache disorders. An upbeat flower, the plant is often consumed by patients seeking relief from mental health ailments like anxiety, depression, and chronic stress. This soothing flower is a common choice among those with gastrointestinal distress, including pain, nausea, and lack of appetite. Some find the plant to be helpful for inflammation and inflammatory conditions like arthritis.





Average Yield

Indoors: 150 Grams Per Square Meter
Outdoors: 200 Grams Per Plant Or More

Average Height


Growing Difficulty



Linalool – Lavender

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