Americans Wake ‘N’ Bake More Than Anyone Else in the World

Over 20% of U.S. cannabis users light up within an hour of waking up.

Yesterday the world’s farthest reaching drug use survey, the Global Drug Survey, released their 2017 findings, confirming the safety of cannabis and magic mushrooms, and giving us vast piles of data about how more than 115,000 people in 50 different countries interact with mind-altering substances. The newest bit of data to make waves suggests that American cannabis users get stoned in the morning more frequently than potheads anyone else in the world.

According to the survey 21.9% of American cannabis consumers fire up their first joint within an hour of waking up, more than 3% higher than the next closest country.

Having a bowl of kush with your bowl of cereal isn’t just a U.S. phenomenon, but seems to be most popular in North America, with 18.4% of Mexican stoners waking up to weed everyday, and 14.9% of Canadians also starting their day with some smoke.

Europeans, on the other hand, tend to take their time before taking their first puff with only 3.6% of stoners in the Netherlands, 4.8% of Icelandic smokers, and 6.3% of Germans sparking up in the AM.

That’s not the only difference between stoning across the pond, as American potheads are also the least likely to add tobacco to their cannabis, while smokers in places like Italy and Greece spliff their smoke over 90% of the time.


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