Are You Making Cannabis Edibles The Wrong Way?

The average pot enthusiast is more likely to dump an ounce of mids into some brownie batter than whip up something digestible if left to his own devices in an amateur cannabis kitchen. That’s not the way it works.


If you’re going to put the actual ground-up bud into your brownies, there’s going to be some form of decarboxylation that occurs, and you’ll get some of the potency of the herb into your brownies, but they’ll taste horrible and your body most likely will reject the brownies. You’re going to waste a lot of weed, and your brownies won’t be potent. You’ll definitely get the fiber that’s missing in your diet, but you won’t get the high.

Clean Your Cannabis

You took your weed and put it into a crock pot, with some butter, oil, and water and let it simmer. What you’re really doing, in addition to simmering all of those cannabinoids into the butter and oil, is also adding in any impurities that are in that bud. So anything that tastes really bad could be something as horrible as insecticides, or it could just be the chlorophyl, which also has a specific taste that’s pretty powerful. To take the taste out, you have to extract as much of that stuff as possible by soaking the bud for a couple of days in distilled water, and then after that, blanching it. By blanching, you’re basically getting a much purer flower to start with and later to infuse into your butter or oil. It’s still going to smell like cannabis, but if you cook with it, you won’t taste anything. Most canna-butters are usually green or even black, when it should be yellow.

Pay Attention to THC

If you are new to cannabis foods, be cautious and consume very small amounts until you are sure how they will affect you. A beginner’s dose should range from 5 to 15 milligrams of THC. You have to know the percentage of THC in the bud you’re using, because if you have too much of that, you’ll get paranoid, you’ll feel horrible, get nauseous, throw up and you don’t want that. You have to know the percentage you’re starting with, and then you have to know how that nets out in the butter or oil that you infuse it into. You also need to understand the quantity and how to deal with it when making edibles. If you don’t understand the potency of oil or canna butter, you might actually overmedicate that brownie.

Don’t Cook Above 340 Degrees Fahrenheit

Most recipes call for you to hit 350, and that would be fine if most ovens were precise and didn’t fluctuate between ten and twenty-five degrees of where they say they’re at. Unfortunately that’s not the case, and THC starts to degrade at 365 degrees. So if you’re cooking at 350, you’re most likely going to start degrading and evaporating the THC. When you’re cooking in a pan, you have to be very careful. If you’re thinking of using canna-butter or oil, just be aware that you can’t use it in the same way you’d use anything else. What you have to do is put the canna-butter or canna-oil in at the end. Basically, you shut the heat off and you mix the butter or oil around to coat everything while the pan is still hot. That way, you won’t lose any of the potency.

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