Are You Smoking Cannabis The Wrong Way And Wasting It?

Many people will swear that holding a hit longer means that you will get higher, and those people are partially correct. If you prefer to vape, you might practice the same methodology when you inhale. The longer the inhale and hold, the better the high. Holding your breath will give you a lightheaded feeling, but that is the result of oxygen deprivation, not more THC entering into your brain.

Cannabis gets you high by providing THC to your blood which carries it to your brain. Once it hits your brain it passes the brain-blood barrier. Once the THC hits your brain you start to get the high effects that people associate with marijuana. However, the THC has to get into your blood for this process to work. This transfer takes place in your lungs. Therefore, if you aren’t inhaling properly then you aren’t getting the maximum effect of your weed, which not only wastes valuable weed, but valuable cash as well.


Our body seems specially adapted to work with cannabinoids. Other chemicals, let’s say from tobacco smoke, don’t travel as fast nor absorb as instantaneously.

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As we know, the connection THC forms within our brains with the CB1 receptor is why it feels intoxicating. It’s also what is responsible for the many possible medicinal benefits.

We know a lot more about cannabis today than we did when smokers were starting the deep breath-holding. There is new research on how cannabis and compounds like THC and CBD work with the lungs.

So, it’s time to start smoking differently.

The latest information suggests that all the THC your body is going to get is extracted from the smoke in your lungs in the first few milliseconds. This has a few implications. First, it means that if you are taking the biggest possible hit then you are wasting valuable weed. This is because all of the smoke you take in doesn’t make it down to your lungs, but rather can stay in your throat and mouth. These parts of your body are not nearly as well equipped to transfer the THC into your blood as your lungs are. Second, holding the hit in just increases the amount of time that your lungs are exposed to the tar, ash, and toxins that exist in smoke. As a result you aren’t getting any higher, but you are damaging your lungs.

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Because of the way the lungs work, it is best to inhale smoke or vapor from weed a certain way. Experts who have studied the issue scientifically recommend taking a hit that will fill your lungs to 2/3 capacity and then breathing in regular air. The air will push the smoke or vapor down into your lungs, where the THC transfer is most efficient. Moreover, this will provide your body with the oxygen it needs to understand and feel the effects of the THC in the weed you smoked.

This new fresh air forces the cannabinoids deeper into your respiratory tract, meaning more access to those gas exchanging alveoli.

If anything spills out of the lungs, it’ll just be fresh air and not smoke or vapor. No wasted medicine! Remember air is free, weed isn’t.

Another reason why this is the best way to inhale is that it discourages people from taking bigger hits than their body can effectively process. Being aware of the size of hit that you are taking will help you leave more weed in the bowl or joint for the next toke. As a result you can be confident that you are getting the most THC possible out of your weed and into your brain.

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Another great tip for getting the most out of your weed is to wait for a minute between hits. If you are taking rapid-fire tokes back to back then you certainly need to ask yourself “are you inhaling wrong?” Instead of hitting the pipe, bong, or joint over and over, space your hits out more. This gives the THC time to get to your brain and pass the blood-brain barrier. As a result you may find out tha0t you are much higher than you thought you would be after only one or two hits. This will save your stash as well as save your cash.


As you can see, there are many great reasons to ask yourself “are you inhaling wrong?” Whether you are trying to save weed, trying to save money, or just hate being wasteful, properly inhaling is one of the most important skills any marijuana enthusiast can learn. Don’t go for massive hits, and don’t worry about holding it in. Just breathe normally, but use marijuana smoke or vapor instead of full air.

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The research tells us we shouldn’t hold cannabis smoke in our respiratory tract, but we’d love to hear about how this works for all of you in practice.

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